base body babes

Felicia & Diana

Base Body Babes / Health Coaches

'The taste is incredible, but more importantly, the quality of the products and the ingredients are what really mean the most to us, they tick all of the right boxes for us and that is why we include them in our delicious smoothies every day.'


Steph lowe

Sports nutritionist (BSpExSc

'I love that it’s 100% gluten free, packed full of superfoods and sweetened only with organic vanilla bean and organic stevia extract.'

mimi elashiry

Mimi Elashiry


'I don't think I've ever come across a company run by such an awesome group of guys. The Bare Blends Boys have created the tastiest superfood and protein blends my taste buds have ever experienced. It's so exciting to be able to turn any smoothie from boring to bursting with berries or green goodness! My absolute favourite product is the Bare Greens- I literally cannot go one morning without putting two spoonfuls of this green madness into cold water with a squeeze of lemon... And then I'm just bursting with energy and ready to bounce out the door! Clever monkeys those Bare Blends Boys are.'


Nadia Damaso

Real Food Chef

'When I first tried the Bare Blends products, I immediately fell in love! They're so delicious, they provide me with so much energy and I absolutely love using them in my recipes. Besides that, I have never come across a more beautiful packaging. The Bare Blends Boys really know how to combine good taste, quality and style!'


Asha Dillon

Model & Studying Nutritionist

'Protein is such an important macronutrient - arguably the most important. It's great to come across a protein blend that is completely natural and free of artificial flavours and sweeteners. Bare Blends has changed the way I view protein powders and is something I use every single day! It's the first protein I've found that I can mix with water and enjoy, use to create interesting recipes, and add to almost anything to boost my protein levels! This is a product I will recommend to my future clients.'

Brad Jones Triathlete

Brad Jones

Asia-Pacific Ironman AG Champion

'I have been using the Bare Blends product range for a few months to assist with my recovery between training sessions. As an Ironman Triathlete training 25+ hours a week recovery is of paramount importance and I use Bare Blends because their products are organic and natural. My favourite product is the Vanilla WPI Protein Powder and I use this along with Bare Blend’s chia seeds, bare greens and bare berries to make a recovery smoothie. Their Organic Japanese Match Green Tea is an afternoon favourite and provides me with the energy and concentration to excel as a senior manager within the financial industry.'

nadia felsch

Nadia Felsch

Wholefoods Expert / Nutrition Student

'You’ve got everything that’s important for health and vitality! GMO-free, premium and delicious products without any additives, chemicals or preservatives. Bare Whey especially allows me to include quality protein in my daily smoothies and feel satisfied without adversely effecting the various flavour combinations that I like to enjoy.'


Teresa Boyce


'I prescribe only the best nutritional supplements for my clients. The Bare Blends range has filled a hole in the market helping me provide my clients superior nutrition for optimal health.'

matt levy

Matt Levy

Paralympian Gold Medalist

'Since beginning to use Bare Blends, I have found that I have greater energy and faster recovery time between workouts.'

bel fong

Bel Fong

Level 1 Triathlon Coach / Ironman finisher

'Not only do they genuinely taste good but they are nourishing my body in preparation for training and racing. I only ever promote things I am truly passionate about and Bare Blends is one of them. It is refreshing to have a company like this in Australia that genuinely cares about what goes into their products. Nothing beats the quality of Bare Blends.'

Keenan smith

Keenan Crisp

Power living Master Facilitator and Co-Owner

'As a vegetarian, I feel grateful to have the opportunity to have Bare Greens to help alkalise me, as I do eat an quite acidic diet. The Chia supplies me with omega 3, and the WPI with a clean source of protein to maintain muscle repair and growth. These are the products that I happily recommend to anyone looking to take good care of their bodies. "If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?"'

tim mel

Tim & Mel

Anchor Training

'Not only is Bare Blends the best-tasting whey protein on the market, but with 100% natural ingredients and environmentally conscious, biodegradable packaging, Bare Blends shares Anchor Training's holistic philosophy towards health and wellness.'