Bare Sample Pack
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Bare Sample Pack

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A Delicious Tasting of Bare Blends

With four samples of our delicious Native WPI blends and 100g of Bare Greens or 80g Bare Berries you can create nutritious green or berry smoothies by just blending with milk and/or frozen fruit.

Really want results? Replace your morning coffee with Bare Greens and feel the difference green energy can make!

The Nutritionist Says: "Bare Greens is like an insurance policy for your nutrition plan. Adding this booster ensures you cover your vitamin, mineral and phytonutrients needs with certified organic ingredients. Greens are essential to promote alkalinity, assist detoxification and enhance energy and nutrient absorption. "
Steph Lowe - The Natural Nutritionist
2 x 30g Organic Cacao Native WPI   +$6.94
2 x 30g Organic Vanilla Bean Native WPI   +$6.94

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