Bare Blends Smoothie Bar

Open 8am - 3pm, Monday to Friday

smoothie bar

Smoothies Regular $10 / Large $12 (50c discount with own vessel)


Matcha, Mango & Roasted Macadamia

Matcha WPI, Coconut Milk, Roasted Macadamia Butter, Frozen Mango (+ Matcha $1.4)

Raw Cacao & Roasted Hazelnut

Raw Cacao WPI, Almond Milk, Roasted Hazelnuts, Peacans, Frozen Banana (+ Maca $1.4)

Cacao Mint Crunch

Cacao WPI, Cashew Milk, Cacao, Cacao Nibs, Mint Oil, Frozen Banana (+ Maca $1.4)

Raw Maca & Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao WPI, Dairy Milk, Maca, Coconut Oil, Cacao, Cacao Butter, Frozen Banana (+ Cacao $1.4)

Vanilla & Coconut

Vanilla Bean WPI, Dairy Milk, Coconut Oil, Crushed Buckinis, Frozen Banana (+ PB $1.4)

Vanilla Hazelnut Butter

Vanilla Bean WPI, Almond Milk, Roasted Hazelnut Butter, Frozen Banana (+ Coconut Oil $1.4)

Mango, Tumeric Lassi

Vanilla Bean WPI, Cashew Milk, Tumeric, Yogurt, Frozen Mango

Kakadu Plum, Cacao & Cherry

Dark Cacao & Kakadu Plum WPI, Almond Milk, Frozen Cherries, Frozen Banana (+ Davidson Plum Jam $1.4)


Cacao Citrus

Raw Cacao, Almond Milk, Lucuma, Mandarin Oil, Orange Oil, Frozen Banana (+ Vanilla or Cacao WPI $2)

Bare Berries & Coconut Milk

Bare Berries, Frozen Mixed Berries, Frozen Banana, Coconut Milk (+ Vanilla or Cacao WPI $2)

Bare Greens, Mango & Coconut Milk

Bare Greens, Coconut Milk, Cashews, Coconut Oil, Mango, Frozen Banana (+ Vanilla or Cacao WPI $2)

Bare Greens, Passionfruit & Mango

Bare Greens, Almond Milk, Passion Fruit, Coconut Oil, Frozen Mango(+ Vanilla or Cacao WPI $2)

Peruvian Power w/ Cacao Butter

Raw Peruvian Power Protein, Almond Milk, Cacao Butter, Peanut Butter, Frozen Banana (+ Chia Seeds $1.4)

Smoothie Bowls $14

Mango, Matcha Roasted Macadamia Bowl

Matcha WPI, Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Roasted Macadamia Butter, Frozen Mango (Topped with crushed macadamias)

Bare Berries & Coconut Bowl

Bare Berries, Frozen Mixed Berries, Frozen Banana, Coconut Milk (Topped with buckinis and frozen berries

Cacao Nice-Cream

Cacao WPI, Cacao Powder, Frozen Banana, Roasted Cashew Butter, Cashew Milk

Iced Drinks $4.5

Bare Greens & Lemon

Bare Greens, Lemon, Filtered Water, Ginger

Bare Berries & Coconut Water

Bare Berries, Coconut Water

Iced Raw Cacao

Raw Cacao, Honey, Almond Milk, Ice

Iced Matcha Latte

Organic Matcha Green Tea, Honey, Almond, Milk, Ice

Bare juices Immunity

Bare Juices Immunity, Cold Water