Base Body Babes

Base Body Babes Felicia & Diana

Personal Trainers

"The taste is incredible, but more importantly, the quality of the products and the ingredients are what really mean the most to us, they tick all of the right boxes for us and that is why we include them in our delicious smoothies everyday."

The Natural Nutritionist

Soli Bailey

Professional Surfer

"I love Bare Greens! It gives me that extra energy boost before a morning surf. If I'm being really into my routine I'd have Bare Greens powder in the morning, Bare Juice at lunch, Raw Cacao WPI after the gym, and then Bare Berries at night."

mimi elashiry

Mimi Elashiry


"The Bare Blends Boys have created the most tasty superfood and protein powders my taste buds have ever experienced. It's so exciting to be able to turn any smoothie from boring to bursting with berries or green goodness! My absolutely favorite product is the Bare Greens - I literally cannot go one morning without putting two spoonfuls of this green madness into cold water with a squeeze of lemon... and then I'm just bursting with energy and ready to bounce out the door!. "

Steph Lowe

Steph lowe The Natural Nutritionist

Sports Nutritionist (BSpExSc)

"Bare Blends is by far the most superior brand available. With grass fed whey proteins, natural vegan proteins and an amazing range of superfoods, they really do cater for everyone, without compromising on taste or quality. My clients and I include Bare Blends as part of our real food template on a daily basis."

Ellie Brooks

Ellie Brooks

Professional Surfer

"Bare Berries and Bare Greens are unreal, I use them both every day in some form, whether it is in my smoothies, protein balls, slices or bowls! The Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein is delicious too, and blends so well with banana and tahini or raw peanut butter."

Drews Daily Dose

Drew Harrisberg Drews Daily Dose

Exercise Physiologist

'The Bare Blends products accurately reflect the boys behind this brilliant business: organic, unique, and not full of crap! I’m a very careful consumer when it comes to food products, but Bare Blends made it easy for me to choose a product that I can trust. When a company is run by people who wholeheartedly believe in the importance of sourcing delicious, high-quality ingredients, with the environment in mind - I just couldn’t choose anyone else!'

Brad Jones

Brad Jones

Asia-Pacific Ironman AG Champion

'I have been using the Bare Blends product range for a few months to assist with my recovery between training sessions. As an Ironman Triathlete training 25+ hours a week recovery is of paramount importance and I use Bare Blends because their products are organic and natural. My favourite product is the Vanilla Bean WPI Protein Powder and I use this along with their Organic Chia Seeds, Bare Greens and Bare Berries to make a recovery smoothie. Their Organic Japanese Matcha is an afternoon favourite and provides me with the energy and concentration to excel as a senior manager within the financial industry.'

Asha Dillon

Asha Dillon

Model & Studying Nutritionist

"Protein is such an important macronutrient - arguably the most important. It's great to come across a protein blend that is completely natural and free of artificial flavours and sweeteners. Bare Blends has changed the way I view protein powders and is something I use every single day! It's the first protein I've found that I can mix with water and enjoy, use to create interesting recipes and add to almost anything to boost my protein levels!"

Soli Bailey

Nadia Damaso

Real Food Chef

"When I first tried the Bare Blends products I immediately fell in love! They're so delicious, provide me with so much energy and I absolutely love using them for my recipes. Besides that, I never came across a more beautiful packaging. The Bare Blend boys really know how to combine good taste, quality and style!"

Oceana Strachan

Oceana Strachan

Fitness Model

"I truly am so grateful for Bare Blends, their products work so well with my sensitive stomach and the flavours are so natural and tasty! I am a big fan of their Vanilla Bean WPI, I use it every morning in my breakfast smoothies. I also really love their freeze dried Bare Berries, it so great to chuck in a smoothie but I also love mixing it in chilled water! I have never worked with a company that is run by such genuine people and I think that is what makes Bare Blends such a unique experience for me!"

Creature Yoga

Bess & Tahl Creature Yoga

Our Local Yogis

"We love Bare Blends because their blends give us the perfect hit of nutrition and energy between yoga classes. Whether it’s popping into the smoothie bar for a quick Kakadu Plum smoothie, or making our own at home, we know we're consuming the highest quality ingredients to nourish our bodies. We know we can trust the Bare Blends team to source the most ethical ingredients, and organic wherever possible. And we always love chatting to the team at the smoothie bar - good vibes all round!"

Life Of Fee

Fee Hussein Life Of Fee

Yoga Teacher

"Bare blends products have become an essential part of my daily routine. I absolutely love Bare Greens and the Vanilla Bean WPI! I honestly wouldn't make a smoothie without them!"



Pilates & Fitness Instructor

"The wellness industry like all other self improvement markets has become incredibly over saturated, making it harder and harder to find simple, pure and sustainable products. These guys, they just get it, from their smoothie bar, their quirky staff, to their appreciation in community. Their everyday beliefs are reflected entirely into their products. In between teaching & training their Organic Vanilla WPI Protein has been a major part of my routine for almost two years. I like it because it’s pure and the ingredients are entirely simple letting my body take in exactly what it needs, naturally. I think people get lost in the glitter of this overly crowded market, that for some reason we have forgotten the sustainability of simplicity, but these guys, in this small little town, they still get it."