Supercharge your smoothies with Bare Boosters, our range of wild and rare nutritional supplements from the furthest reaches of the globe.


About Bare Greens

Bare Greens is a potent freeze-dried greens powder bursting with potent vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients. This nutritious greens powder helps to boost energy, improve digestion, and provides the nutrients needed to support an energetic lifestyle.

About Bare Berries

Bare Berries is freeze-dried powder containing organic 12 types of berries with unique nutritional benefit. It was designed to be the most potent broad spectrum antioxidant powder available on the market, assisting with many body functions and offering broad spectrum protection.

What are freeze-dried ingredients?

Freeze-drying is the process our Bare Greens and Bare Berries ingredients go through. The ingredients are flash frozen at temperatures between -50 and -70 degrees, which removes the water content (about 90% of the initial weight) and leaves a shelf stable, nutrient-dense, flavoursome powder.

How much caffeine is in Bare Greens?

One serve of Bare Greens contains 15-25mg of caffeine from the ingredient matcha. The national guidelines recommend no more than 200mg of caffeine per day.

Why is maltodextrin used in Bare Berries?

Our Bare Berries is the only product that contains maltodextrin, and it is an organic tapioca maltodextrin in very small amounts to stop the powder from clumping when exposed to air. Unlike other companies that use maltodextrin as a filler, we only use it to maximise the functionality of the product.

What is the shelf life?

If stored correctly, our Bare Booster range has a shelf life of 24 months. The expiration date is clearly listed on the package. We are committed to keeping our batch sizes small to ensure maximum freshness of our products.

What are the serving sizes?

Bare Greens: 7g servings (2 teaspoons), Bare Berries: 5g servings (1 heaped teaspoon)

What is the best way to store Bare Boosters?

The best method of storage is in a cool, dry location, and properly closed. Refrigeration should only be used when room temperature exceeds 27 degrees Celsius.

Are Bare Boosters organic?

Yes, all of our Bare Boosters are certified organic by the ACO.