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10 Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas gifts can be daunting for some. This year, we at Bare Blends are buying sustainable gifts.

Buying Christmas gifts can be daunting for some.

It’s hard finding presents that won’t be thrown out six months later, or to save money, we buy things that are mass-produced, which can have a heavy impact on our environment.

So this year, we at Bare Blends are buying sustainable gifts. These are upcycled from old goods, made from recycled materials, and each one helps us to be more ethical, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

Here are our top picks.

1. Imogen Stone

Imogen Stone are a company printing photos and beautiful custom images onto handcrafted stone and recycled timber. The result is a beautiful image that fit in perfectly with both rustic and modern interiors, and with very minimal carbon footprint.

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chow cacao

2. Chow Cacao

Everybody loves chocolate at Christmas time - joy and chocolate and one in the same. But why give your friends and family (or yourself) processed chocolate with no nutritional value, when you can give them raw chocolate that is smooth and delicious, but also packed full of the goodness and antioxidants of raw cacao. Chow Cacao is great for your health and your brain, and won’t add any extra calories.

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3. Recycled Wine Glasses

These recycled wine glasses are handmade in Colombia out of recycled glass from car windshields and windows. They’re sturdy, unique, and stylish, not to mention good for the environment.

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recycled wine glasses
byron bay skincare

4. Byron Bay Skincare

Byron Bay Skincare products are 100% naturally derived skincare products that make you feel fresh and energised with their earthy flavours. We’re a huge supporter of this local company, and the good work they’re doing - they plant one tree per product sold in their mission to combat the effects of deforestation and global warming.

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5. Bare Flask

The versatile Bare Flask is perfect for carrying your water, coffee, smoothies, and the like. The double walls of glass will maintain the temperature of your drink for two hours or more. Glass has a minimal impact on the environment (much less than plastic and aluminium drink bottles) as it can be recycled forever and ever. The bamboo lids are also biodegradable, and by reusing the flasks, we're doing our bit for the environment by replacing plastic bottles and coffee cups. It’s also stylish as hell.

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Bare Flask
Bamboo bed sheets

6. Bamboo Bed Sheets

These bamboo bed sheets from Ettitude are soft, smooth and luxurious, and are naturally derived from 100% organic bamboo lyocell. Bamboo is good for your hair and skin to sleep on, and it’s also good for the environment, with bamboo lyocell being one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.

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7. Everything Jack Crick

We love Jack Crick Wares - stylish and durable boxes and crates made from recycled and upcycled timbers. They’re perfect for adding a retro/rustic feel to any space, and make for great storage.

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jack crick

8. Sit Still Lauren

These handmade mugs and dishes by Sit Still Lauren are simply beautiful. Lauren is a Byron Bay local who sits in her hinterland home and crafts stylish and unique pottery pieces. These mugs are gifts that never go out of style, have minimal environmental impact and will replace your standard coffee mug or takeaway cup.

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9. Class Pass

Giving someone a Class Pass membership entitles them to hundreds of fitness classes in their city. Members can take fitness classes in everything from yoga to boxing, at boutique gyms and fitness centres. It’s the perfect for a gym junkie, or those wanting to start new healthy habits.

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class pass

bare blends voucher

10. Bare Blends Gift Voucher

Give your loved ones the nutrition that they need to reach their fitness goals, and boost their overall vitality! Nutrition is the gift that lasts, and your gift card receiver can choose from any of our products for energy-boosting, mood-enhancing, skin-glowing health.

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