5 Of Our Favourite Green Recipes

We love Bare Greens.

Bare Greens is the organic freeze-dried greens powder that we all now know and love! We have it every morning in the Bare Blends office with cold water and a squeeze of lemon in an energising green juice. But it’s much more versatile than that!

Bare Greens was designed from the ground up to offer large amounts of the most potent and nutritious freeze-dried organic green vegetables, grasses, algae, leaves and fruit to synergistically nourish your body.

Bare Greens is the perfect way to energise, revitalise and restore your body, and it is particularly beneficial after the holiday season. It’s the perfect way to kickstart a healthy new routine, and as it’s flavoured and sweetened with organic mango, apple and lemon, it also goes deliciously well in green smoothies and other recipes!

Here are some of our favourite Bare Greens recipes.

1. Green Smoothie

Bare Greens Smoothie

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2. Bare Greens Bar

Bare Greens Bar

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3. Detox Green Smoothie Bowl

detox green smoothie

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4. Breakfast Mojito

Bare Greens Breakfast Mojito

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5. Four Ingredient Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl Poor Girls Pantry

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Get your hands on some Bare Greens of your own.

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