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You've probably already seen photos of our slick looking glass flasks. We know that the flasks are super stylish (they make carrying drinks from home feel classy), but we're proud of them for many more reasons.

The Bare Flask Mayde Tea

The Bare Flask is made from borosilicate glass for improved strength and durability. Glass has a minimal impact on the environment (much less than plastic and aluminium drink bottles) as it can be recycled forever and ever. The bamboo lids are also biodegradable, and by reusing the flasks, we're doing our bit for the environment by reducing carbon pollution from the transportation of further bottles.

Another thing that makes our flasks unique is the design – the double walls of glass will maintain the temperature of your drink for two hours. This makes the flasks perfect for your cold drinks such as smoothies, water infusions, or your Bare Juice Frappe. It also means that your hot drinks will stay hot! The filter and infusion basket allow for the perfect tea infusions.

Want some inspiration for drinks to put into your The Bare Flask? Here are our favourites:


The flasks keep our smoothies cool when we're on the run, and they are extremely easy to clean, making them the perfect smoothie vessel. We avoid using plastic shakers for our smoothies, as these may still contain BPA (the cancer-causing component found in plastic) or other nasty chemicals.

Bare Boosters

if you've yet to try our Bare Greens, Bare Berries and Bare Juices, we highly recommend you do for their own myriad of nutritional benefits. When the boosters are mixed in the Bare Flasks, it's like a match made in heaven – it's meant to be!

Water bottle / fruit infuser

Need we say more? Stylish and practical!

Tea infusions

The detachable infusion basket will allow you to brew delicious tea concoctions. We also have the perfect loose leaf tea to go with it...


The Bare Flask Mayde Tea

These delicious tea blends are designed to effectively heal and nourish the body. Created by local Byron Bay nutritionist Kate Dalton, all of the ingredients have been farm grown, locally sourced where possible, and grown organically without chemicals or pesticides. They are all handmade in small batches, and each provide sufficient health benefits. Here is a brief run down of each brew:

Rooibos Turmeric Chai

Rooibos is high in flavonoids, protects cells against free radicals, and aids in liver tissue regeneration. It's also full of antioxidants and has anti inflammatory effects.


created with the perfect floral blend of soothing and nourishing herbs, the lavender, chamomile and rose flavours have been known to relieve insomnia and irritability.

Earl Grey

Black tea is rich in antioxidants, supports cardiovascular health, and has been found to provide protection against cardiovascular disease and several cancers.


An invigorating and refreshing tea with lemongrass, papaya, ginger and cinnamon, designed to energise and improve mental exhaustion.


A digestive tea to soothe and calm the stomach and digestive tract. Earthy, aromatic and bright.

These teas are the highest quality we've come across, and the flavours are full-bodied and invigorating. We knew we had to share this local gem with you all.

So whether you're drinking tea in the cooler weather, or Bare Juice on the run, our flasks will keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, and make you look stylish as hell when carrying them!

At Bare Blends we take a holistic approach to your nutrition and wellness; producing delicious natural & organic superfood blends that nourish and nurture an active body + mind. All products are sugar and gluten free. From Kakadu to the Andean ranges, we've selected the highest quality ancient, raw and organic superfoods and combined them with Native and New Zealand whey proteins. We believe we make the best tasting natural protein powder in Australia.

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