If you haven't yet seen Nadia Damaso's delicious creations all over the Bare Blends blog and instagram, it's time you had a look. Nadia is a powerhouse when it comes to delicious recipes and food styling, and she's definitely to blame for our smoothie bowl addiction.

She is also the author of Switzerland's top selling cookbook, Eat Better Not Less! Check it out to find her delicious creations featuring yours truly.

We're in awe of this lady and we absolutely love having her on board as an ambassador. Here is her inspiring interview as she bares it all with Bare Blends.

Nadia Damaso Interview

Tell us about yourself in five words or less.

Fun, generous, positive, ambitious, creative.

Where did your knowledge of food stem from?

I think in pictures and colours, and like to try out new things! I think most of it just comes from my imagination combined with my passion for creativity!

Why is eating organically so important?

I think as humans it’s our duty to take good care of the earth because the earth takes good care of us and gives us the most precious thing on earth which is life! The only thing we can do is to be aware of what we’re eating and putting into our bodies without damaging Mother Nature. Nature can live without us but it’s certainly not possible vice-versa!

Your recipes all look like works of art – how much time do you spend perfecting presentation?

Haha, I cook so often so now it only takes me about 15-20 minutes for a recipe and pictures. I can definitely lose myself though when it comes to taking the pictures. It’s like shooting a person – the food shows you different emotions and you want to capture those from various angles!

How did you get so talented at photography, by studying, or is it self-taught?

It’s all self-taught! I think if you have a strong passion for something and really give it all you've got, you can do what you love and follow your goals and dreams! When it comes to photography I would say that you either have the eye for the perfect shot, or you don’t. I hope I do, haha!

What do you enjoy more, a day in the kitchen, or a day exploring somewhere new?

Mmh, I love traveling and exploring cities, countries and cultures I haven't experienced yet, meeting new people from all over the world and trying new food. I’m very open! The kitchen is a place where I can be for myself and let my creativity run wild. I can tank so much energy when I cook and it’s like meditation for me. But food and traveling combined are two of my absolute favourite things. I want to learn from people all over the world what their tips and tricks in their culture’s kitchen are.

Nadia Damaso Eat Better Not LEss

Where is your ideal holiday?

I’ve never been to Australia but I think I’m going to fall in love with Australia as soon as I get there! Definitely somewhere at the beach surrounded by nature and fresh food, fruit and veg, good people, good vibes… just a place where people are happy and appreciate life I guess!

Do you prefer raw foods, or hearty traditional recipes?

I don’t really have a preference for anything. Some things are better raw, other when made traditionally. There’s sooo much good food, and I could never answer the question, 'what’s your favourite food?' (Even though I ask every single person, 'What’s your favourite food?' whenever I meet them haha!)

Who would attend your ideal dinner party?

Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Degeneres, James Corden, Amy Schumer, Jamie Oliver, Chris Hemsworth, Meryl Streep, Jimmy Fallon – how much fun would that be! Like that would just be it! Or just my best friends and family. Both would be great!

If you could choose one person to cook for you, who would it be?

My dad! I’ve never seen him cook. I think it would be so much fun to see him cook a 3-5 course meal. It would be so stressful for him and about 4 hours of entertainment for me haha. But it better be good at the end!

Do you prefer beaches or snow?

Beaches all the way! (Even though I grew up in the mountains where we have snow for 6-7 months a year!) I just love the 'put on flip flops, grab your smoothie, go to the beach, shorts and singlet, kind of feeling!'

What is your favourite Bare Blends' product to create with?

VANILLA WPI & MACA! (And everything else, but if you make me choose – it’s definitely Vanilla WPI and Maca!) Can I just finish off this interview with: Bare Blends are my fav products in this world and do not only taste amazing, but also look cooler than I will ever be! Yap! :D

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