Bel "The Fongiantor" Fong

Bel is a Level 1 Triathlon Coach and Age Group Triathlete. She has been competing for approximately 6 years and is genuinely passionate about getting more people involved in the sport. She also teaches Group Fitness classes at Fitness First and is a running coach for Can Too.

As the triathlon season comes to a close, I thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on where my training and racing has taken me. This season, I competed in 5 triathlons and managed to finish in the Top 10 in my age group, including two podium finishes. This has probably been my most successful season to date, and I truly believe it has come down to my nutrition.

In the past, I never really cared about what I ate until it started affecting my training, especially my energy levels. It's impossible to be successful in triathlon if you don't get your nutrition right; not just during the race but after training as well. This season in particular, I have learned a lot about nutrition and racing, and as I get older, it is becoming even more important for recovery.

Training for three disciplines can be tough, particularly when you have to try and fit in strength training as well as teaching group fitness classes. On average, I train 12-15 hours a week, and three days of the week, I train twice a day. This is just the nature of the sport and to see any kind of improvement, there has to be consistency across all three disciplines. But I love this sport so much! It keeps me focused and has offered some amazing opportunities, such as travelling to Hawaii for the Ironman World Champions and most recently, racing in a team with actor and triathlete, Dan Macpherson at the Fitness First Corporate Triathlon.

I was introduced to Bare Blends by a good friend of mine last year, and its safe to say that I am hooked! I have tried almost every protein powder on the market and at one point, I stopped using them because I couldn't pronounce most of the ingredients on the tub. Bare Blends are truly unique and I could not be more proud to be associated with such a quality product. I am so happy to have their support for the upcoming season as I start training for the New York City Marathon, and then get back into another exciting season of triathlon racing.

Here's my go-to post-training recovery shake. It always fills me up and I have it most mornings after training:

The Fongiantor's Post Training Recovery Shake

  1. Blend for 30 seconds (or until there are no more banana chunks).
If you have any questions about getting into the sport of triathlon, please don't hesitate to email me: Happy training! Bel.

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