Too often people reach for store bought, additive-filled crap when it comes to the 3pm crash! So, we have an alternative, using a high-quality protein powder, like Bare Blends Organic Raw Cacao Native WPI, as well as coconut and nuts, to make a satisfying and delicious chocolatey treat when hunger strikes!

I Quit Sugar Sarah Wilson Choc Protein Bites

20 servings | prep - 35 mins



  1. Combine all ingredients together in a bowl. Place bowl in the freezer for 10 minutes to allow mixture to harden.
  2. Remove mixture from the freezer and take one tablespoon amount into your hands. Roll into a small ball. Place on a plate and squish down with your thumb. Continue this with the remaining mixture.
  3. Place Choc Protein Bites back into the freezer to harden slightly as they would have softened after touching the mixture. Serve immediately.

Add in a little extra coconut oil if your mixture is too crumbly.

Store these bites in a container in the freezer. They will last a few weeks.

I Quit Sugar

Quitting sugar began as an experiment for Australian journalist and author, Sarah Wilson. But once Sarah quit, her energy, skin and wellness improved so much, she just kept going. And going. And feeling better and better. The results spurred Sarah to write the New York Times best-seller I Quit Sugar and, in consultation with experts around the globe, Sarah launched and her hugely successful online 8-Week Program (8WP) to help others quit sugar, too. Today, is read by more than 1 million every month and has helped over 1.2m people quit sugar worldwide.