4 Christmas Spiced Raw Treats

Christmas is the time for indulging in delicious foods.

But traditional Christmas snacks involve dessert-like treats that can contain a lot of sugar and no nutritional value.

We've therefore come up with a few festive recipes that won’t add unnecessary calories, or accidentally give you a sugar high!

These are refined-sugar free, gluten free, raw, and have the addition of nutritious superfoods and protein to boost your energy levels and your mood.

These healthy Christmas treats will be a highlight at any party this festive season!

1. Christmas Spiced Protein Chocolate Truffles

These truffles are chocolatey and sweet with a hint of Christmas, and also protein packed, vegan (if you forego the white chocolate drizzle, and WPI) and gluten free. Go to town.

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Raw berry tarts

2. Raw Berry Tarts

These Raw Berry Tarts are very easy to whip up, and with the addition of Bare Whey Protein Isolate, Chia Seeds and Bare Berries, these little tarts are a serious superfood hit.

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3. Christmas Smoothie

This smoothie honestly tastes like Christmas in a cup! Loaded with protein and a healthy kick of turmeric to reduce inflammation in the body after an indulgent Christmas feast, this festive smoothie is what you need to get back on your feet!

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christmas spiced smoothie

Cacao Christmas Pudding

4. Raw Cacao Christmas Puddings

These Raw Cacao Christmas Puddings are the perfect healthy alternatively to your traditional pudding. They taste decadent with the addition of dark chocolate and sweet currants and are spiced nicely to get that traditional flavour.

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Bare Blends

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