Danielle Allen | BB Ambassador

I’d say I’m a bit of a goat person.

Now that’s probably not the most normal way to introduce myself as a writer and lover of Bare Blends, nor is it overly insightful, but my recent Googling history contains nothing but ‘goats in gumboots’, ‘goats that are stuck’, ‘baby goats’ and the like, so let’s run with it.

My resume in one sentence: my name is Danielle Allen, I’m 20 years old, a semi-qualified doctor (currently studying/battling/having-my-life-taken-by a medical degree at Sydney Uni), lover of all things organic, natural and healthy, and I like to run. A lot.

Lover of all things organic, natural and healthy, and I like to run. A lot.

I am not a Instagram-glorified fitness blogger, I’d like to clear that up! I have objections to such things as taking my phone for a run. Beside, it’d be quite boring for the phone, I’m an ex-elite surf Ironwoman competitor, turned crazy-long-distance running girl, now a middle distance track runner and spend a good amount of time running around in circles: no choice filter can make that look too glamorous. But as I was saying, goats.

Goats and I share a few things in common, other than my fondness for the creatures. Unlike the sheep, the goat is not easily herded and is more willing to follow its own head and explore, rather than the shepherd’s. I similarly pride myself on being independent: I left my home, family and friends on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast at 17 to come to the ‘big city’ of Sydney to chase my dream of becoming the very best doctor I could be. I don’t mind being different, at 20 I’ve never had a drink, or a soft drink for that matter, or KFC. Most people think I’ve spent a bit of a deprived youth, I think I just appreciated the value of healthy and happy food (rather than Happy Meals) earlier. I’m absolutely ecstatic to now be an ambassador for Bare Blends because I will not compromise on my belief that eating organically is the happiest way of eating for both yourself and for the beautiful world we’re lucky enough to live in.

I’m a bit of a fiend for the Facebook page ‘Goats That Are Stuck’: it’s my go-to procrastination buddy. I justify that there’s important life lessons that can be learnt from these goats. It might be a stretch, but I’ve convinced myself enough to waste my precious Anatomy time on it. See, these goats are often at outrageous heights and trying to climb higher after overcoming extraordinary obstacles. If there’s another thing to know about me it’s that I’ve been broken quite a lot. In the past three years I’ve fractured my foot, pelvis and femur: all of which, for an addictive and previously borderline-anorexic runner, have been huge obstacles both physically and mentally. From these breaks, I learnt to cope with greater difficulties and also the importance of comprehensive nutrition from Bare Blends. Since incorporating ALL (literally ALL) of Bare Blends magical superfood powders into my daily diet, I’ve recovered faster, improved every bone density, BMI and blood test I’ve had, haven’t had so much of an inkling of an injury since, and am running faster than ever! I’m looking forward to my first proper season on the track and with the climbing goats in mind, have set my sights on one day running for our country.

I justify that there’s important life lessons that can be learnt from these goats.

In my last goat analogy (I promise!) let me defer back to the goats up the mountain. They are never alone, for in being alone, they cannot guide nor give guidance to others to help them up the mountain. I like the idea of the helpful herd and I try to give back as much help as I receive in all aspects of my life. I absolutely love run coaching North Cronulla Surf Club’s athletes and helping them out as much as I can. I’m also super looking forward to writing this blog for Bare Blends to share with you all what I know about health, fitness, running, eating and the love of Bare Blends. You can expect to find insights into the magic of Bare Blends superfoods and proteins, recipes, health and fitness tips, starter running training programs for your first/second/third/hundredth fun run or race and everything in between! Any questions you’d like answered, shoot me through an email at daniellelucyallen@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help (:

Thank you for letting me introduce myself, it’s been a pleasure! Have a lovely, healthy and happy day (and if you need something extra to help out in the happy department check out ‘Genuinely Stoked Goats’ over a Bare Blend’s Sacha Inchi, Cacao and Maca Smoothie with Bare Greens, it’s a failsafe way to keep you happy and healthy all day long!)

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