Getting Bare With Creature Yoga

creature yoga

Meet Bess and Tahl, the owners of our favourite yoga studio, Creature Yoga.

With our Smoothie Bar located just around the corner from their studio here in Byron Bay, it's safe to say we've got exercise and nutrition covered in the area.

We interviewed the girls about their journey through yoga, their love of smoothies, Byron Bay, and more.

Tell us about Creature Yoga.

Bess: We’re a loveable, world-class yoga studio based in Byron Bay. We pride ourselves on our beautiful community of locals and visitors from all over Australia and the world, who come to deepen their practice and make positive changes to their lives.

Tahl: It’s a community of likeminded individuals who come together to connect and find peace and freedom of body, mind and spirit.

What is your mantra?

Bess: Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu - ‘may all beings be happy and free’. That’s why we do what we do!

Tahl: Be kind always.

Tahl Rinsky

You both live busy lives, running a business, teaching classes, and looking after kids, how do you stay on top of healthy eating?

Bess: Local knowledge is key! Knowing the best places to pop into for some quick, healthy sustenance - Bare Blends is my go-to option to keep me going between classes, practice and meetings. Also making time to visit one of the many farmer's markets around the region. Byron Bay farmer’s market on Thursday morning is my favourite for the freshest local organic produce, and I love supporting local farmers and small businesses!

Tahl: Make choices, everything is a choice, if you want it enough you will eat healthy no matter how busy you are.

What is your favourite morning routine?

Bess: First: a tongue scrape - an ancient Ayurvedic practice for health and vitality. Hot water with freshly squeezed lemon, back into bed for a cuddle with my love, then a 20-minute seated meditation. Asana practice or a lighthouse walk, followed by breakfast - a smoothie at Bare Blends, or avocado on toast at home. Set for a productive work day!

Tahl: Mediation, coffee, yoga, swim, smoothie, walk/run, then work.

What is it about Byron Bay that you love?

Bess: The incredible nature, the beautiful close-knit community filled with creatives and entrepreneurs, and the ready availability of the best fresh produce in the world.

Tahl: Endless beauty and space that comes with a slower pace of living.

Bess creature yoga

Which yoga pose was the most challenging for you to learn? And have you mastered it now?

Bess: Sitting for meditation! I’m on the way…

Tahl: It’s called Mayurasana or ‘Peacock’ in english and no, I’m still not amazing at it.

Which of you is the better cook?

Bess: We’re actually quite similar: simple, nutritious, one-pot meals with the best ingredients, plenty of flavour and a middle eastern love of SALT!

Tahl: Bess's partner Johno is better than both of us, ha ha.

Who spends more time on instagram?

Bess: Tahl! Although I’m guilty of plenty of Instagram time - I’m working to reduce my screen time in general. We are what we worship so I want to worship more nourishing things!

What is your idea of adventure?

Bess: A new waterfall and a skinny dip!

Tahl: Something undiscovered.

What is your favourite Bare Blends smoothie?

Bess: Cacao & Kakadu Plum with extra macadamia butter.

Tahl: Kakadu Plum! But sometimes Matcha Mango. :)

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Follow Bess & Tahl:

Instagram: @trinskyyoga @bessyyoga


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