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Getting Bare With Ellie Brooks

Ellie Brooks has been an ambassador for Bare Blends since 2014, and this vivacious woman is a force to be reckoned with, having a 2016 QS rank of 47.

Ellie Brooks has been an ambassador for Bare Blends since 2014, and this vivacious woman is a force to be reckoned with, having a 2016 QS rank of 47.

We love Ellie for her bubbly and inspiring attitude towards life and health.

Ellie Brooks Surfer
Photo credit: Juan Carlos Medina

What is your idea of an adventure?

Life in general! I like to see my life like 'every day holds adventure'. I am pretty lucky with all the places I have traveled to and adventured around. Experiencing amazing foods, waves, culture, religion and history. Getting out of my comfort zone and scheduled routine. Whether I am surfing a new location, camping along the beach, experimenting with food, I try to have adventure in my life every day.

How do you stay on top of healthy eating?

About two years ago I fell really sick with Glandular Fever, lost all my white blood cells and wasn't allowed to train for a few months. My naturopath recommended I change my eating habits. So I changed to organic, gluten-free, limited sugar and a high fat/protein diet and I haven't looked back since. I feel ten times better with this healthy eating!  It can be hard when traveling but there are always options!

What does your competition schedule look like for the rest of the year?

It's dying down a little now! I head to Japan in October for a QS3000 and then straight to Sydney for the last event of the year, a QS6000!

What is your favourite morning routine?

I get up at around 5.30am, make myself a Nespresso long black, as well as lemon and hot water, watch the morning news, stretch and get ready for a surf! If there aren't any waves I head to pilates! After that I head to my local cafe and get creative with the girls in the back and make up some green or protein smoothie concoction! 

Do you have any rituals that you do before you compete?

I have a few! At one of my latest QS6000 competitions in Mexico my boyfriend Harry and I had this blue ball we would throw around, we took it everywhere, especially before heats. In El Salvador we had to get a little creative with a rock because the ball went walk about! I also have a pretty set movement routine I go through before my heats. 

Ellie Brooks Surfer
Photo credit: Chris Grant

Where is your favourite wave?

Punta Roca in El Salavdor, and Angourie point.

Apart from chasing waves, what do you do for fun?

I love pilates, health and fitness, creating new recipes and making bliss balls! I do some surf coaching for the little ones! Traveling and adventuring to new places!

Why is living organically and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so important?

Eating and staying healthy is a way of life! Maintaining health and fitness makes you feel AMAZING, full of energy and so fulfilled! Even if I wasn't a professional surfer I would still do everything the exact same!

Favourite Bare Blends products?

Bare Berries and Bare Greens are unreal, I use them both every day in some form, whether it is in my smoothies, protein balls, slices or bowls! The Organic Cacao WPI is delicious too, and blends so well with banana and tahini or raw peanut butter.

What is your guilty pleasure? 

Dark chocolate coconut balls from the source health food shop! Anything with peanut butter, good ol' chips and guacamole, oh and as of recently, sweet potato fries!

Do mermaids exist? 

Of course they do! Well in my world.

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