Getting Bare With Flamingo Amigos

Meet the creatives behind Flamingo Amigos - a creative agency bringing stylish new video content to Byron Bay, and shaking up the creative advertising world.

They work in stunning locations, and bring personality and visual freshness to the companies they work with. There was no exception when Flamingo Amigos teamed up with Bare Blends to create our most recent campaign. This agency is one we love to watch grow, and their passion and drive is a force to be reckoned with. We chatted to Director/Producer Jaime about it all.

Flamingo Amigos Jaime

How would you describe Flamingo Amigos?

Flamingo Amigos is small and independent Creative Film Agency based in Byron Bay on a mission to work with cool people and develop amazing concepts and ideas to inspire audiences around the globe.

Where are you and the team from?

We are originally from Spain. More specifically from Madrid. But there was no ocean, so we decided that Byron would be a better fit for us. We’ve been here for nearly five years and couldn’t be happier about the decision we made.

How did you find your feet in Byron Bay?

We cleaned many dishes and flipped heaps of burgers but after finishing our film degrees here, we went for Flamingo Amigos, all in. It wasn’t easy, and it took many extra hours of work a week but it was definitely worth it. After you start working for some local brands and businesses, it tends to become better and easier over time. Learning english has also helped.

What is the best thing about running your own creative agency?

The best thing about it is working with your best mates and being able to make a living by developing cool projects and meeting amazing clients and people every time. Is very cool when clients end up becoming friends and super rewarding when everyone involved ends up being stoked with the results. The whole journey is just amazing. From start to finish.

Flamingo Amigos Olga

You’re now making films for brands such as Afends and The Critical Slide Society. Do you like working with bigger brands? How do you handle the pressure?

Getting the opportunity to work with Afends and TCSS has definitely helped us move forward. We love working with them because they tend to come up with pretty cool ideas and being involved in the whole process is just amazing. They also have a bigger reach and online presence so every time something goes out it reaches many eyeballs, which for us, is ideal.

Did you like filming the Bare Blends videos?

Shooting Bare Blends was an amazing experience! Chris made everything so cruisy and smooth and that really makes a big difference for us. The cast, the make up artist and every single person involved were the biggest legends and that made the whole shoot unfold perfectly. We could have not had done it without Chris. El mejor.

I heard that there was an incident involving your drone and the side of a cliff while filming - is the drone okay?

Yeah, right in the very last shot of the campaign the drone smashed against a tree. Luckily we got the shot and were able to recuperate most parts of it. We sent it off to repair and now it is up and flying again. So we were pretty lucky! We saw some dude smash his a day before and he wasn’t as lucky. :(

We would love to work with you on future projects - would you be keen to work with Bare Blends again?

NO DOUBT! We miss Chris every day of our lives and can not wait to get back to work with you guys asap. So many cool things will come in the new year.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

We try to spend as much as time in the beach when we are not working. Just chilling, surfing or drinking some beers and watching the sunset.

Flamingo Amigos

You guys are best friends who work long hours together every day, do you ever get sick of each other?

Yeah, all the time. Most of the time. But what could be better? If you have to spend long hours, night shifts, hotel rooms, long days in the sun - who better than doing it with your best friends? Of course we get sick of seeing each other all the time (we also live together), but yeah, better friends than randoms, I reckon.

Who would you most like to collaborate with, and why?

Anyone who is willing to push boundaries, to have a good time and that is willing to take risks in order to get cool shots and make rad ideas happen.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

The system.

What is your favourite Bare Blends product?

The Bare Juices, fo sho.

Flamingo Amigos On set. From left to right: Oscar, Ava Belle (HMUA), Christina MacPherson (Model), Jaime and Olga.

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