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Getting Bare With Steph Lowe

We love having Steph Lowe on board - not only for her insightful views on nutrition and health, but because she is a breath of fresh air in the health industry and someone we can relate to.

We love having Steph Lowe on board - not only for her insightful views on nutrition and health, but because she is a breath of fresh air in the health industry and someone we can relate to.

An ambassador for Bare Blends for over 3 years, Steph inspires people across the country to live and eat healthily. We asked her about her about her favourite recipes, how she balances her busy life, and what she does for fun.

Give us a short character description of yourself.

I’m a passionate Sports Nutritionist, athlete and cashew butter addict. Health and wellness are my priority but I also pride myself on leading a balanced lifestyle and teaching others how it is possible to do the same. The path to wellness doesn’t need to be hard, restrictive or deprivational and food is to share, nourish and enjoy.

You’re a sports nutritionist, author, entrepreneur, a great chef, and a triathlete. Is there anything you can’t do? 

That’s very kind of you, but as cliché as it sounds I really do feel like I am living the dream because I get to live my passion every day. Life hasn’t always been this way though, and I will always be grateful for The Natural Nutritionist and how it has transformed my life in ways I thought were only a dream.

What is your mantra?

Do what you love, love what you do.

Which foods do you most love to cook with?

I love free range eggs. They’re so versatile – perfect for omelettes or frittatas to start the day, delicious in low carb, gluten free breads and the perfect inclusion in a naked burger to finish the day!

How important is it to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

It really is everything. Every food decision you make shapes your health today and into the future. It’s also extremely important to acknowledge the relevance of healthy lifestyle choices like managing your caffeine intake, exercise intensity and sleep hours.

Why is eating organically so important?

Organic choices are an important purchasing decision for environmental, ethical and health reasons. When it comes to animal protein, I will also ensure I purchase free range, grass fed and pasture raised products as organic can still mean the animals are fed organic grains, which promote an inflammatory omega-6 rich environment. When it comes to fruit and vegetables I prioritise the dirty dozen, as these are the foods that are most contaminated with pesticide residues.

What helps you stay on top of your game?

It’s all about balance. I work hard but I also start my day with an hour of exercise and gratitude journaling. I am fortunate enough to have a great team behind me these days, who are essential for (my sanity) the smooth day-to-day running of The Natural Nutritionist.

What do you do for fun? 

I love yoga, hiking in nature and getting in the kitchen to create new recipes.

What is your idea of adventure?

I’m definitely not an adrenaline junkie, so an adventure for me is something like the Overland Track, which is a 65km multi-day hike through Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I’m a raw chocolate girl. It’s definitely a weakness of mine so I try to keep it homemade so I can maximize the nutrient density and minimize even the natural sugars.

What is your favourite recipe at the moment?

Currently, I’m obsessed with cauliflower porridge. It doesn’t sound too appealing at first, but you definitely have to try it! It’s such a great way to lower the carbs in the morning and load up on veggies for breakfast. Check out our Banana, Tahini & Walnut “Porridge” here.

Favourite Bare Blends product?

Definitely your organic Vanilla Bean WPI. I’ve been adding a teaspoon or two to my morning Bulletproof Coffee recently and it’s another one of my favourite ways to start the day!

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