Primal Sydney Interview on All things Calisthenics

Primal Sydney Calisthenics Paleo

Thanks for coming into Bare Blends HQ for a chat, Primal Sydney.

Drew: Thanks guys, glad to catch you before you shift the HQ to Byron.

Absolutely. Tell us what Primal Sydney is all about.

Ben: We’re two brothers born and raised in Sydney, who are obsessed with Calisthenics aka body weight strength training and the ‘Paleo’ diet. We’ve always trained, but really believe we are onto a good thing with this lifestyle.

We’re familiar with the Paleo diet, but what’s the story with the Calisthenics.

Ben: Calisthenics forms its origins from the Greek word kallos (κάλλος), which means beauty, and sthénos (σθένος) meaning strength. Calisthenics has been popularised by figures like ‘Hannibal King’ and ‘Frank Medrano’, training outdoors in parks, performing moves like the Human Flag and Bar Muscle Ups.

What got you into Calisthenics?

Drew: I was living in a share house called ‘The Bay’ in Lavender Bay, Sydney. We had a German guy by the name of Klaus Teichner move in. Back in Germany he trained with the Kali Move and the German Calisthenics Movement so he was a bit of a beast on the rings.

He used to give me heaps of shit for training weights and eventually coaxed me into a park session. I was so shocked at how strong he was, performing 15 ring muscleups and handstands. I ditched my fitness first membership and started training with Klaus and Ben outside every morning.

Awesome, so how did Primal Sydney come about?

Ben: We joined Unity gym in North Sydney, and we began to take our training much more seriously. We were inspired to share all we had learnt, along with our training methods with others to help others on their own health journeys. Starting our page has opened some really cool doors, we’ve met and trained with some of this countries best because of it.

Primal Sydney Back Flip

Who’s stronger?

Drew: Haha, depends, Ben’s better at some manoeuvres and I’ve still got the edge on him at a couple.

Ben: Haha ….. Me for sure!

So how does someone get into Calisthenics and what are the benefits of training this way?

Drew: We say start small. Add it to your other training. We take a balanced approach to training, we still train in the gym, doing our powerlifting and Olympic lifting, and we aren’t afraid to admit that. Everything we do is complementary to our Calisthenic goals.

Keep it simple, start working on wall handstands and assisted chin-ups and push-ups. Build up some core strength. Then set some goals for a new move and train your ass of to master it!

Ben: It’s a cheap, easy and fun way to get fit. The advantages of training for calisthenics are endless, much like the progressions themselves. We have made the commitment to become the best we can be, day to day. We are so lucky to have found calisthenics as our medium to do so. There really isn’t anything like it! The feeling of constant progression towards your goals does huge things for your health, and we aren’t talking about our physical health but the complete harmony between mind, body and soul.

We are also big on the harmony of mind, body and soul. How do you ensure that your body keeps up with these physically demanding exercises?

Drew: We follow a strict Paleo diet, rich in alkalising foods like Bare Greens and apple cider vinegar. Following our sessions we make sure we have a smoothie or shake with some Bare Blends Vanilla Native Whey Protein Isolate, this ensures we recover sufficiently. We also cannot live without our fish oil capsules, high quality magnesium and a Vitamin D supplement.

We like it, so what moves are you both working on at the moment?

Ben: I’m focusing pretty hard on the front lever and bar muscle ups. I want to get my bar muscle ups to world record challenging potential.

Drew: At the moment my goals are to master the planche and unassisted handstand pushups.

We’ve also been working on our bar muscle ups … So what’s next for Primal Sydney?

Drew: We’ve just finished filming our ‘How To Guide’ for Calisthenics. We teamed up with our mentor Coachkeegan to create a series of online calisthenics and body weight strength training progression videos.

We believe everyone has the right to a muscle up, so we are going to be giving the ‘How to do a muscle up’ guide away for free on our new website. So no excuses lads, when we come to visit you in Byron, we are expecting a muscle up bar at the new HQ!

Ben: We’ve also got some Strength Gymnastics workshops coming up in Sydney, so we will keep you posted on those.

Sounds really positive. You mentioned your pretty excited for #Worldpullup day on Sunday.

Ben: Yeah, it’s #Worldpullupday on Sunday. We are hosting a free event at Civic Park in North Sydney from 12-3pm for anyone who wants to come along and learn how to move.

Thanks for dropping in boys, see you on Sunday for some MuscleUps!

Drew: Always good to check in at the BB HQ.

Ben: See you Sunday boys.

Primal Sydney

We’re two brothers born and raised in Sydney, who are obsessed with Calisthenics aka body weight strength training and the ‘Paleo’ diet. We’ve always trained, but really believe we are onto a good thing with our new lifestyle.