Training with the Base Body Babes

By Bare Blends -

Last week it dawned on me that this will be my 19th year of working in the health and fitness industry! I think it’s fair to say that during this time I’ve seen and at least tried most styles of training out there-from strength and conditioning at some of the swankiest gyms in North America, to sweating my arse off, whilst having it handed to me at Fairtex’s infamous Muay Thai camp in Bangplee, Thailand.

I am a fitness and yoga junkie at heart. I love to be pushed to the point of breaking, and even though I love writing my own workouts, I miss being a student, and going into the gym and being guided through a workout by someone that can leave me on the floor, unable to move.

Enter Felicia and Diana (aka BaseBodyBabes). At first glance on Instagram, you notice (by their training photos), that these two girls mean business. From carrying a very small amount of body fat, to lifting heavy things, these two trainers have the know-how, and facility to take your workout to the next level.


The BaseBodyBabes also happen to be two of our ambassadors at Bare Blends. A few weeks earlier when brainstorming new story ideas, I suggested to our Directors that we stop by Unity Gym for a workout with the BaseBodyBabes. Of course, as a guy who has trained for 25 years, I thought “cool, should be a good workout, but I’m sure they can’t push me like I do during my sessions”.

Oscar (one of Directors at BB) chimed in and agreed “they seem to train some pretty mad sessions-but let’s see if they can take us over the top, and smash us like we do in our workouts”. He even went as far as sending Felicia and Diana an email that included him saying “We are quite fit so maybe an all round body routine would work” (#famouslastwords).

As I was driving to Unity for our workout, I thought to myself “you’re fit as, mate-no need to get nervous over a simple workout-you do this kind of training every day.” I met up with Oscar, and we headed into the gym to meet everyone. Straight away, my jaw dropped on the floor when entering this gym-quite honestly, I have not seen a gym this “perfect” since landing in Australia four years ago.

For a fitness junkie like myself, this gym is a paradise playground-bumper plates and power racks as far as the eye could see, free weights, lifting platforms, ropes and chains, and a strip of reddish/orange turf for (wait for it) THE PROWLER. For those of you not familiar, this bad boy is infamous for smashing people during their training sessions (imagine pushing a car in the middle of your workout!).

After a quick intro and tour of the gym, we snapped a few before photos, and got straight into our workout. The girls set us up with a five round circuit, with five exercises and 12 reps per exercise. Here was the order:

  • 12 deep squats (ass to grass squats to be exact)
  • 12 straight bar push presses
  • 12 deadlifts
  • 12 pull-ups
  • and a 30 meter Prowler (sled) push

As the Fit Chicks were setting up the weight, I noticed that they loaded the bars fairly light, and put a large band up on the pull-up station to assist-straight away (whilst feeling a bit overly confident) I piped up and said “we’re both cool to go heavier on the lifts, and you can remove the band from the pull-up station”. In unison, Felicia and Diana said (with a smile) “just give this a go for today”. And we were off…..

First round, I felt good, but a little fatigued at the end (you could rest as much as you needed between rounds). After the first round, I noticed Oscar was perched on a bench, and looking quite winded-“I’m fine, just feeling that coffee I had right before we began” (classic excuse I thought). After the second round of squats, I was fading as if I had done ten rounds of work already! “What in the hell is wrong with me?” I thought, I literally had no strength. I plugged away, and as we finished the second round, I saw Oscar run to the bathrooms. I thought this was my perfect opportunity to show up my younger boss.

I hopped into the third round, feeling as if my legs were made of stone, and like I had never lifted a single weight in my life! I literally had to put all of my effort into finishing the third round, and as I was finishing the sled push, I glanced and saw Oscar come back to the gym white as a ghost. “I’m done dude, these chicks kicked my arse!”. I took this as my cue to follow my fearless leader, and bowed out from the final two rounds of work, and proceeded to go outside, and lay out on the ground for a good 15 minutes to recover.

Whether I am hitting a massive strength and conditioning session, or going for a yoga class, I always refuel straight after with a Bare Blends protein. After our session (and whilst I was still recovering in fetal position on the street, Oscar redeemed himself after his lackluster performance, and broke out a few mason jars, filled with Bare Blends goodness and super foods-This post workout shake included Vanilla WPI, Maqui berry powder, Maca. No joke, after I have my Bare Blends recovery shake, I’m not only nourished with what my body needs, I feel balanced and ready once more, and never (I mean never) do I feel bloated from what I put back into my body.

Whilst many of you might think that this sounded like an over-the-top session, it wasn’t at all-rather great programming, with intense motivation and coaching, all done in a state-of-the-art facility. Needless to say, we’re hooked, and training with the BaseBodyBabes weekly as part of our training program (progress stories to follow).

I give these two trainers two thumbs up, and would recommend them to any person (male or female) that is looking to improve on their fitness, and be pushed by two of the most inspirational trainers I’ve met in quite some time.

Keep up with the BaseBodyBabes on Instagram, or check out their gym at Until next time, stay humble, and leave the coffee for after your workout….

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