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With aloe vera and avocado oil

Botanical Body Lotion

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Blissful botanical aromas complement this natural and palm oil free body lotion. With hydrating oils and vitamin E to repair skin, this nourishing moisturiser will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Crafted with a natural blend of plant extracts and beneficial oils to repair and rejuvenate skin.
Massage into the desired areas to moisturise and revive your skin. Suitable for most skin types.
Aloe Leaf Juice*, Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Jojoba Esters, Macadamia Seed Oil*, Cocoa Seed Butter*, Olive Leaf Extract*, Sodium Hyaluronate, Finger Lime Fruit Extract*, Green Tea Leaf Extract* (see full ingredients in product image)

Simple, ethical, and organic skincare. 

Gentle on skin and safe for the environment - skincare designed to encourage healthy and nourished skin.

Palm oil Free

Made in Australia

Cruelty free

Rehydrating and soothing

Gentle on skin, organic, and safe for the environment, this moisturiser will help to rehydrate and soothe dry skin. Nourishing aloe vera and shea butter, with avocado, coconut and macadamia oils will refresh and smooth the skin's surface, while vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and green tea extract will encourage healthy and hydrated skin. 

Inside the blend

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many benefits when applied to the skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, humectant properties, as well as having anti-itch and soothing affects.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is ideal for softening skin, as it contains fatty acids and vitamins that are beneficial for hydrating and repairing damage.

Avocado Oil

Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E. Avocado oil also contains potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients that can nourish and moisturise skin. It is an antioxidant, emollient, and is anti-inflammatory.

Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and palmitoleic acid which have skin rejuvenating properties, as well as vitamin E and other nutrients. 

Sodium Hyaluronate / Hyaluronic Acid

Sodium hyaluronate is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. It has moisturising benefits when applied topically and works on skin’s surface to attract water to help hydrate the skin.

Finger Lime Extract

The bioactive compounds present in finger lime assist the absorption of vital nutrients into the skin, also helping to improve skin hydration and support collagen production.

Green Tea Extract

Packed with a variety of powerful antioxidants and other nutrients. The polyphenols in green tea possess potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties. Studies have also shown green tea can help to improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin as well as having protective benefits.

Protecting our Earth

For each sale of Botanical Body Lotion, we remove 109kg of carbon from the atmosphere via Pachama.

Pachama are working to solve climate change through reforestation and reducing carbon pollution. Through the use of AI and technology, they’re able to protect ecosystems, restore forests and improve carbon markets.

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What are people saying?

Best lotion I've ever used

This is by far the most hydrating lotion I've ever used - perfect for sunkissed skin with the aloe vera. I love the glass bottle too!

chris h. Verifed Buyer

Monday, 18 January 2021

1 Reviews

chris h. - Verified Buyer

Monday, 18 January 2021

Best lotion I've ever used

This is by far the most hydrating lotion I've ever used - perfect for sunkissed skin with the aloe vera. I love the glass bottle too!

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