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  • Premium WPI & Superfoods
  • Build lean muscle
  • Boost immunity

Nourish your body naturally with this unique blend of grass-fed whey protein isolate to promote muscle synthesis and give you energy, organic vitamin C to boost your immunity, organic maca to balance hormones and organic chia seeds to help regulate digestion.

Ingredients: NZ grass-fed whey protein isolate, organic raw cacao powder, organic maca powder, organic chia seeds, wild-harvested Kakadu plum (gubinge), organic stevia extract, non-GMO soy lecithin (0.1% for mixing)

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Gluten Free
Grass Fed
Sugar Free

Why is the Cacao & Kakadu Plum WPI a cut above the rest?

Our grass-fed whey protein isolate (WPI) blends are ultra-filtered from French/NZ freshly skimmed milk and retain the highest possible nutrient density of any protein powder.

  • 100% natural, free of anything artificial or nasty
  • Bursting with antioxidants
  • Premium grass-fed whey protein isolate (WPI)
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • 195mg of organic vitamin C per serve
  • Optimal omega 3:6 ratio
  • Adaptogens and mood enhancing phytonutrients
  • Gluten free, sugar free, and low lactose







Improving your
recovery time

Protein intake is vital after exercise, as it assists the repair of exercise-induced damage to muscle fibres. It facilitates the replenishment of depleted energy stores and contains the essential amino acids needed for your body to recover and perform optimally.


Weight management

Protein helps to boost metabolism and prevent body fat storage in conjunction with an active lifestyle. Blending up a serve of our whey protein isolate with dairy/nut milk with some frozen fruit is a delicious healthy breakfast or lunch which will keep you nutritionally satisfied until your next meal.

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Immunity & wellness

Protein is essential for a healthy working immune system. It is a major energy source and it is responsible for everything from building tissues, boosting immunity, and making your hair and nails strong and shiny.


Bare Blends have sourced the finest organic superfoods from Kakadu, the Andean ranges, to the dairy fields of France and New Zealand to create the world's most unique superfood blend.

whey protein bowl

Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

+ Boost lean muscle and recovery

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is a high-protein filtered milk product containing very little fats, lactose or carbohydrates. Our high quality WPI is sourced from France and New Zealand, where the dairy farming practices and pristine environment are unparalleled. Our whey undergoes less acidification and pasteurisation than others, resulting in a superior amino acid profile.

organic cacao pods

Organic raw cacao

+ Antioxidant superfood

The premium Australian Certified Organic raw cacao powder used in our blends is of the heirloom variety, criollo, grown in Peru. It is a rich source of magnesium and sulphur which helps with relaxation and promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. Full of magnesium and antioxidants, raw cacao has 2865 ORAC units per serve.

organic maca root

Organic Maca Root

+ Powerful adaptogen

Bare Blends' maca root is an Australian Certified Organic maca powder from a grower association of the Pumpush people in Junin, Peru. Ours is a high-altitude maca powder grown at over four thousand meters by farmers with ancestral knowledge of the plant and its cultivation. It is well known for improving libido and sexual function, as well as stamina, strength, and endurance.

kakadu plum

Kakadu Plum (Gubinge)

+ Wild harvested Australian superfood

Kakadu plum, or gubinge, is a bush plum found in Kakadu and the Kimberley. Our Kakadu plum is wild harvested by the indigenous people who are bringing the community back to the ancestral ways. Kakadu Plum is naturally high in vitamin C, and is anti-carcinogenic.

organic chia seeds

Organic Chia Seeds

+ Energy, omega-3 and satiety

Chia seeds have been a staple for native American people as early as 3500 BC. The seeds were used by the Aztec and Mayan messengers and warriors as a super energy food. Chia seeds form a ‘gel’ in the stomach which leads to slow digestion and sustained balance of sugar levels, which can be helpful in preventing or controlling diabetes. It has beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects.

organic stevia leaf

Organic Stevia Extract

+ Zero calorie sweetener

High quality pure organic stevia provides just the right touch of sweetness without contributing unnecessary sugars to your waistline. Stevia is low GI and also has the added advantage of not feeding plaque on your teeth like sugar does.

How to use

The Cacao & Kakadu Plum WPI is extremely handy for a quick, nutrient-dense breakfast smoothie, post exercise shake, or in raw treats.

premium whey protein isolate


Simply shake with your choice of liquid. Our favourite is shaken in our housemade almond milk.

cacao whey protein isolate


Add one serving to your favourite smoothie recipe to boost the protein and antioxidant content.

create whey protein isolate


Create nourishing and nutritious treats by adding this blend to your favourite recipes.


Bare Blends whey protein isolate blends contains almost no lactose, and are suitable for lactose intolerant people. The NZ whey protein concentrate contains significantly more lactose, and is not as suitable for those with intolerances.

The best method of storage is in a cool, dry location, and properly closed. Refrigeration should only be used when room temperature exceeds 27 degrees Celsius.

Bare Blends' products have a 24-month shelf life from date of manufacture. The expiration date is clearly listed on the package. We are committed to keeping our batch sizes small to ensure maximum freshness of our products.

The recommended serving size is 30g, which equates to 3 tablespoons.

Our serving sizes are an estimate for the average person, however, each individual will have different requirement for their optimal protein consumption. You may wish to experiment with the serving size until you find a quantity that suits you.

For people consuming whey for weight management, consume 20-30g per serving For athletes aiming to increase lean muscle growth, or participating in strenuous exercise, consume 35g or more.

Whey protein is one of the few sources that naturally contain all 20 amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Bare Blends’ whey protein isolate blends have a superior amino acid profile, and are especially undenatured due to low-temperature processing. They provide our bodies with the most functional protein to recover, repair and build muscles, and also boosting our immunity.

The essential amino acids in each WPI blend can be viewed in the nutritional table on the product page.

Our whey protein blends use the highest quality wheys available, and don't include any artificial ingredients or high-level doses of synthesised amino acids. It should be an acceptable source of protein during pregnancy for healthy women without dairy allergens.

As pregnancy is extremely personalised, we do recommend that prior to taking whey protein, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a physician to be sure whey protein is right for them.

Although we use only the highest quality ingredients in all our blends, with nothing artificial or even "natural" flavours, unfortunately we are unable to provide dietary advice for children under the age of 16. Therefore, we must recommend you seek the professional opinion of your family health care physician.

No, absolutely not. Whey protein has long been the protein supplementation of choice for athletes and bodybuilders because it is the most easily absorbed, high protein source available. But protein is important for everyone, not just athletes and bodybuilders, and can be incorporated to almost any diet to support a healthy lifestyle!

Yes, protein shakes can be used as meal replacements, especially if blended with nut milk, dairy milk, or coconut water and nuts/fruits/veggies. This will make a satiating smoothie that will keep you feeling full and provide you with nutrients and energy throughout the day.

We do of course recommend a healthy wholefood diet in conjunction with our supplements, and at least a minimal amount of exercise per day so that you can make the most out of our protein and it's lean-muscle building and weight-management attributes.

While not certified organic, our whey has all the advantages of 100% natural pastures. The milk for our whey proteins is derived from cows that are grass-fed and graze year-round on natural pastures. It is GMO-free, hormone-treatment-free, pesticide-free and undergoes minimal processing.

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