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Pure peruvian cacao

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Chocolate in it’s truest form – pure and powerful, loaded with minerals and antioxidants that, if enjoyed in moderation, can be the kind of chocolate you eat everyday. Removing the paradox of ‘healthy chocolate’ had never been so easy.

Decadent 80% raw cacao.


Not your ordinary chocolate bar

Jam packed with antioxidants, magnesium and a heap of goodness, comes Chow Cacao. A dark delicious and nutritious chocolate hand made in Byron Bay. Only a few ingredients are used to put these golden blocks of joy together.

80% Dark

The original chow cacao bar. A bar for a cacao purist containing only the essential ingredients.

**cacao powder (80%), **coconut sugar, **vanilla bean, *sea salt (*organic, **raw organic)

Chow Cacao Smooth Pure Dark

The raw chocolate you have been waiting for

  • Raw & Organic
  • Vegan
  • Dairy & Gluten Free
  • Regined Sugar Free
The Makers

Trudy & Wil

Here at Chow Cacao we create raw organic chocolate in its truest form. Giving you a powerful hit of antioxidants and essential minerals in every mouthful. Handmade in the beautiful Byron Bay, we hope you enjoy the indulgence as much as we love making it.