Spring back into fitness with a special offer at Hustl from our ambassador Alexz!

Combining a mixture of progressive pilates and circuit training, Hustl is a different kind of sweat. Normally $20 per week, use the coupon code ‘BARE5’ to receive an exclusive price of $5 per week.

Valid until the end of October, once redeemed this special price will be applied to the lifetime of your membership!

Form - Circuit Training

Form delivers a seamless combination of shaping and toning in a loud, high energy and low-intensity class with minimal bouncing and maximum burning. focusing primarily on the stabiliser muscles, form combines the benefits of barre and mat pilates and is suitable for all levels & abilities.
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Pace - Progressive Pilates

Pace combines the benefits of progressive pilates, resistance-based cardio and bodyweight training with a continual focus on optimising your body’s burning potential. Pace is formatted in a circuit–style class. Each station comprises 50 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest and is completed twice before moving to the next. suitable for all levels.
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Secure your spot

To secure your exclusive price, simply head to Hustl before the end of October and apply the coupon code ‘BARE5’!

T&Cs - ‘BARE5’ coupon code must be applied during checkout, offer expires midnight 31/10/20, special price continues for the lifetime of the membership (if cancelled, the special price will be forfeited)