❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99
❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99
❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99
❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99

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Organic Lip Butter

Subtle grapefruit

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A dreamy, buttery and hydrating lip balm. Crafted using organic ingredients designed to repair and moisturise dry lips with skin-protecting antioxidants and nutrients. 100% natural, certified organic and palm oil-free.
Apply to lips as needed for extra hydration throughout the day.
Coconut Oil*, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Castor Seed Oil*, Beeswax*, Macadamia Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Pomegranate Oil*, Jojoba Esters, Mango Butter*, Candelilla Cera, Cocoa Butter*, Tocopherol, Grapefruit Oil*, Limonene^ (*Organic ^Constituents of Essential Oils)

Simple, ethical, and organic skincare. 

Gentle on skin and safe for the environment - skincare designed to encourage healthy and nourished skin.

Palm oil free

Made in Australia

Cruelty free

Organic Lip Butter

A velvety smooth lip balm to revive dry lips and restore softness.

Repair dry lips with this combination of skin-loving botanical oils and beeswax. Blended on a base of mango butter and coconut oil, the addition of vitamin E-rich macadamia, jojoba and pomegranate oils will soothe and moisturise. 

Inside the blend

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids such as lauric acid, which possess antimicrobial properties and help to moisturise skin. It may help to protect the skin from harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation.


Beeswax helps to maintain the consistency of skincare products. It has antimicrobial properties which help to protect skin.


Macadamia Oil

Macadamia oil contains essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and palmitoleic acid which have skin rejuvenating properties, as well as vitamin E and other nutrients. 

Jojoba oil

A moisturising antibacterial oil, jojoba has strong antioxidant properties and nutrients such as vitamins E, A and D, and omegas to replenish and restore skin.


Mango butter

Mango butter contains nutrients such as vitamin E and vitamin C which may help to protect skin from environmental stressors. It is also an effective moisturiser which can help to soften skin.

mango butter

Cacao butter

Cacao butter, or cocoa butter, is fat derived from cacao beans, which is rich in phytochemicals, vitamin E, and fatty acids to support healthy skin.

cocoa butter

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit oil is a natural antibacterial agent, with skin cleansing properties. It also adds a subtle but fresh citrus aroma and flavour.

grapefruit oil

Protecting our Earth

For each purchase of Organic Lip Butter, we remove 59kg of carbon from the atmosphere via Pachama.

Pachama are working to solve climate change through reforestation and reducing carbon pollution. Through the use of AI and technology, they’re able to protect ecosystems, restore forests and improve carbon markets.

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