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The problem of our teenage years

All hype. No substance.

As young fitness enthusiasts, we grew up on commercial brand protein powders. Sold by their flashy marketing and superstar endorsements, we bought it all - from pre-workouts, to the “get massive 5000” tubs.

In our ignorance, we fed the industry that was doing far more harm than good.

2010. The solution

Clean, natural, thoughtful products.

In 2010, everything changed. Aware of the rubbish that was in virtually all commercially available protein blends, we needed an alternative. And so Ryan began to create.

Crafting a rough version of our Raw Cacao WPI in his kitchen from ingredients purchased online, the flavour and purity of his creation astounded both himself and Oscar.

2012. The birth of Bare Blends

The Beginning

Oscar insisted that this blend needed to be shared with the world, and so the Bare Blends revolution began.

Built to change the nutritional food supplement status quo, Bare Blends was created to open people's eyes to the pure flavours and raw power of natural wholefoods, while offering complete transparency.

Our Philosophy

Organic & The Planet

Environmental Sustainability

We only have one planet. We need to nurture it for future generations. Organic farming does not only produce more delicious and nutritious ingredients, it also nourishes the earth for future farming. We choose to support the environment by ensuring our superfoods have been grown in organic farms or wild crafted such as our Gubinge collected by the Nyul Nyul people in the Kimberley.

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