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Plant Based Proteins

Proteins from plants only. Perfect for vegan lifestyles. Our plant based protein range was carefully crafted to include only real, organic ingredients that provide excellent nutritional benefit. Versatile and delicious, the only plant based proteins you’ll ever need.

Raw Peruvian Power Protein - Vegan Protein
Raw Peruvian Power Protein
Powerful, vegan, essential
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Vegan Bundle
Plant-based nutrition
Cacao and Cinnamon Plant Protein - Organic Vegan Protein
Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein
Decadent chocolate vegan protein
Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein
Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein
Creamy coconut vegan protein

Plant Based Protein Benefits

We use minimal ingredients and processing to craft these plant proteins which deliver on performance and taste. They will provide your body with the fuel it needs to excel while tasting delicious and satisfying your daily protein needs.

Pea & Rice Proteins

Bare Blends’ Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein and Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein are a certified organic blend of pea and sprouted brown rice proteins that have been processed using low-temperature techniques, resulting in the highest possible nutrient density of any plant-based protein powder.

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Raw Peruvian Power Protein

The Raw Peruvian Power Protein is a powerful vegan blend of South American superfoods, including sacha inchi, cacao and maca, to provide your body with optimal amounts of protein, omega 3's, amino acids and minerals.

organic cacao plant protein powder

Our vegan protein powders have excellent amino acid profiles, and consuming these plant based blends immediately after exercise will provide your body with the necessary nutrients needed for muscle synthesis and greatly improved recovery time.

Both pea and rice proteins and sacha inchi are celebrated for being complete protein sources, meaning that they each contain all 9 essential amino acids. These plant proteins are easily digestible and have low potential for allergic responses.

  • Australian Certified Organic
  • Absolutely no fillers, artificial flavours or sweeteners
  • High quality bioavailable plant-based protein
  • High in essential amino acids and BCAAs
  • Assists with lean muscle development
  • Improved recovery after exercise
  • Flavoured with only real organic food
  • Helps with weight loss and weight management
  • Free from dairy, gluten, soy and sugar