Weight Loss Proteins

Getting the right nutrition is fundamental for healthy weight loss. Our weight loss proteins are ideal for boosting metabolism, toning and reducing body fat in conjunction with an active lifestyle.

Vanilla Bean WPI
Vanilla Bean WPI
A smoothie lovers' dream protein
Organic Dark Cacao Native WPI
Raw Cacao WPI
Deliciously satisfying chocolate protein
Bare Whey Protein Isolate
Bare Whey Protein Isolate
For the purist
Organic Matcha Green Tea WPI
Japanese Matcha WPI
Balance, energy and longevity
Weight Loss Bundle | Bare Blends

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Weight Loss Bundle
Lose weight naturally
Cacao and Cinnamon Plant Protein - Organic Vegan Protein
Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein
Decadent chocolate vegan protein
Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein
Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein
Creamy coconut vegan protein
Using Bare Blends for Weight Loss
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Protein assists with weight loss
in a number of ways.

boosting metabolism

Boosting metabolism

Protein has an extensive effect on metabolism because of it’s thermic effect. As such, your body will burn much more energy digesting protein that it would for the same amount of carbohydrates.

reduce body fat

Reducing body fat

Protein builds metabolically active muscle and lowers insulin levels. Lower insulin levels after a meal also means that your body can process food more quickly and efficiently, which equates to burning more calories and storing less fat.

Increase satiety

Increases satiety

Protein increases the secretion of satiety hormones and regulates the release of glucose for balanced blood sugar levels, making you feel fuller for longer, and keeping you away from the snacks.

Protein for weight loss

Our range of weight loss proteins include WPI (whey protein isolate) and plant-based protein blends. These blends are very low in carbohydrates, with very low fat content. They’re high in essential amino acids and BCAAs, which will assist with exercise recovery, boosting metabolism and facilitating the breakdown of fat while meeting your daily protein needs.

Our WPI blends are an ideal source of protein after exercise. Not only will they help to boost your overall metabolic rate, they will also assist with building muscle, managing weight, and toning. They will provide your muscles with the nutrients they need to recover quickly after exercise.

For a vegan, non-whey alternative, try our plant-based protein blends. Made with the optimal ratio of organic pea and sprouted brown rice protein, they are full of nutrients, ideal for breakfast smoothies and post-workout recovery shakes.