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Recovery Soak

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Relieve sore muscles and rejuvenate the body with this relaxing bath soak. Containing magnesium to help regulate muscle function and assist circulation and blood flow, this soak is an easy way to restore the body’s magnesium levels after exercise.
Add 2 handfuls (about 75g) to a warm bath to help relax muscles after exercise, reduce stress, and draw toxins from the body.
magnesium flakes, bentonite clay, tapioca starch, *eucalyptus, *cedarwood (*essential oil)

Simple, ethical, and organic skincare. 

Gentle on skin and safe for the environment - skincare designed to encourage healthy and nourished skin.

Made in Australia

Palm oil Free

Cruelty free

Protecting our Earth

For each sale of Recovery Soak, we remove 50kg of carbon from the atmosphere via Pachama.

Pachama are working to solve climate change through reforestation and reducing carbon pollution. Through the use of AI and technology, they’re able to protect ecosystems, restore forests and improve carbon markets.

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