❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99
❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99
❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99
❤️ We offset emissions on all orders 🌎 Free shipping for AU/NZ on orders over $99
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Rewild Nature.
Solve Climate Change.

At Bare Blends, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and protecting our climate. It’s never been more important to reduce atmospheric carbon and monitor our impact on the planet.

Our initiatives

+ For every $1 sold from our Bare & Fair range, we remove 5kg of carbon from the atmosphere via a Pachama project.

+ Options for each customer to remove 500kg of carbon from the atmosphere within our loyalty program.

We’ve partnered with Pachama, an organisation leading the way in forest restoration and carbon reduction, to help us achieve these goals.

carbon credits

How does pachama do it?

Carbon credits purchased fund projects that directly protect and restore forests in cooperation with local communities. It includes hiring security staff to protect boundaries, planting seedlings, and creating new facilities to support forest projects. As we reduce greenhouse gases, we also protect critical forest ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

Pachama harnesses satellite imaging with artificial intelligence to measure carbon captured in forests and bring new transparency and assurance to each project.


Reforestation projects focus on planting new trees to grow and restore forests. These efforts capture and store CO2 as the trees grow.

Forest Conservation

Forest conservation projects center around preserving old growth forests that are at risk of deforestation. Protecting these existing forests prevents CO2 emissions that would be released if they were destroyed.

Improved Management

Improved management efforts enable working forests to transition to sustainable forests with older trees. A primary goal of these projects is to maintain a high growth rate so trees store more CO2.

  1. LiDAR
  2. Estimates
  3. Develop

Why Reforestation?

Trees are the most scalable and efficient way to remove carbon. They naturally capture and store carbon in their roots, branches, and leaves. Forest projects have the potential to capture billions of tonnes of CO2. Forests are important for regulating heat and clean water on the planet. They are teeming with biodiversity and are incredible carbon sinks.

Unlike other offsets, Pachama checks projects to ensure they are protecting real carbon in old-growth trees or growing new ones. After planting, seedlings might die, but a carbon verification process ensures you are supporting projects where trees are not just planted, but grow and thrive, sequestering carbon along the way.

At this point, forest destruction accounts for 12-15% of annual global emissions. We need to act now to protect forests and reduce emissions.

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