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Restoring nature to solve climate change.

It’s never been more important to reduce atmospheric carbon and monitor our impact on the planet. Pachama is an organisation leading the way in forest restoration and carbon reduction.

For every $1 sold from our Bare & Fair range, we remove 5kg of carbon from the atmosphere via a Pachama project.

We’re partnering with Pachama to support their essential work, and each sale of our Bare & Fair skincare range helps to purchase carbon credits which help to recapture carbon from the atmosphere. We will be expanding this to all our products in the future.

carbon credits

How does pachama do it?

Carbon credits purchased fund projects that directly protect and restore forests in cooperation with local communities. It includes hiring security staff to protect boundaries, planting seedlings, and creating new facilities to support forest projects. As we reduce greenhouse gases, we also protect critical forest ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

1. LiDAR

Pachama uses LiDAR imaging, a technology based on laser measurements that can create 3D representations of forests. Artificial intelligence techniques are used to analyze this satellite data. Machine learning algorithms process vast amounts of data and identify features (such as tree crown sizes and shapes) that are used to estimate carbon.

2. Estimates

Pachama can then make carbon and biomass estimates without manually measuring more trees. They then use radar data to monitor forest canopy and catch deforestation as it may be happening.

3. Develop

Pachama aims to develop these tools into a suite that can be used by others to create new forest carbon projects in the mission to protect and grow millions of hectares of forest worldwide.

Why Reforestation?

Trees are the most scalable and efficient way to remove carbon. Forests are important for regulating heat and clean water on the planet. They are teeming with biodiversity and are incredible carbon sinks.

Unlike other offsets, Pachama checks projects to ensure they are protecting real carbon in old-growth trees or growing new ones. After planting, seedlings might die, but a carbon verification process ensures you are supporting projects where trees are not just planted, but grow and thrive, sequestering carbon along the way.

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