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Bare Blends are crafted to offer a unique nutritional experience, blending wild & rare superfoods to produce bold and bare nutrition.

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  • Organic Vanilla Bean Native WPI

    Organic Vanilla Bean Native WPI


  • Cacao and Cinnamon Plant Protein - Organic Vegan Protein

    Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein


  • Bare Greens

    Bare Greens


  • Bare Berries

    Bare Berries


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Our Mission

At Bare Blends we take a holistic approach to your nutrition and wellness; producing delicious organic superfood blends that nourish and nurture an active body and mind. From Kakadu to the Andean ranges, we’ve selected the highest quality ancient, raw and organic superfoods and combined them with Native and New Zealand whey proteins. We believe we make the best tasting natural protein powders in Australia.

Bare Berries & Protein Bowl
Soli Bailey

For Pure Health

We create the finest in natural nutrition. We are dedicated to producing the healthiest protein powders and other unique nutritional powders. Ideal for people from all walks of life they can be enjoyed in shakes, protein smoothies and other nutritious recipes. All products are free of artificial flavours, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners and are non-GMO.

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Nutritionists, strength coaches, yogis, personal trainers, naturopaths, all agree our healthy blends are first class!


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Steph Lowe

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