Organic Chia Seeds

The original superseed

Our Organic Chia Seeds are full of essential amino acids, and an excellent plant-based source of Omega-3. When ingested, chia seeds form a 'gel' in the stomach which leads to a sustained release of energy. Easily add them to your smoothies, or create delicious chia puddings.

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The original superseed

  • Chia is one of the richest plant based sources of omega-3 ALA.
  • Essential Manganese to utilise nutrients such as biotin, thiamine, ascorbic acid and choline.
  • Almost 20% of the RDI of calcium per serve for healthy bone structure
  • Soluble fibre binds with fatty acids and slows down digestion so blood sugars are released more slowly into the body.

The anceint staple

Chia seeds have been a staple for native American people as early as 3500 BC. It's no wonder the word name chia is Mayan for 'strength', as the ancient Aztec warriors were said to consume one teaspoon of this superfood to sustain them for 24 hours!

organic chia seeds

The true superseed

Chia seeds contain all nine essential amino acids making them a complete protein source. It is a vital component to the health of our muscles, cells and tissues.

Origin: Mexico

‘Salvia Hispanica‘, commonly known as chia, is a flowering plant native to central and southern America. We source our chia seeds from an Australian Certified Organic grower in Mexico.

Australian Certified organic bare blends

The perfect long-lasting energy food.

Nutrient-dense and adaptable

The versatile seed

Chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. Loaded with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and other micronutrients, chia seeds are a health-boosting addition to your diet.

organic chia seed smoothie


Add one serving to your favourite smoothie recipe for extra nutrients, including omega-3s and fibre. It will also make your smoothies more satisfying and filling.

chia pudding

Chia puddings

Create nourishing and energy-boosting chia puddings that are perfect for breakfasts on the go, or a healthy mid-morning snack.

chia protein balls


Chia seeds work perfectly in many recipes. Use it as an egg subsitute in baked recipes, as a thickener for dips and soups, or added to any raw treat recipe!

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