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Est. 2011

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Aware of the rubbish that was in virtually all commercially available protein blends on the market during our youth, we needed an alternative.

And so in 2010, Ryan began to create. Crafting a rough version of our Raw Cacao WPI in his kitchen from ingredients purchased online, the flavour and purity of his creation astounded both himself and Oscar. Oscar insisted that this blend needed to be shared with the world, and by 2012, the Bare Blends revolution had begun.

Built to change the nutritional food supplement status quo, Bare Blends was created to open people's eyes to the pure flavours and raw power of natural wholefoods, while offering complete transparency.

Bare Blends has led the industry since the beginning by offering the highest-quality superfoods from around the world with complete transparency, and with clean, natural, and thoughtful products.

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100% natural and organic

We only have one planet. We need to nurture it for future generations. Organic farming does not only produce more delicious and nutritious ingredients, it also nourishes the earth for future farming. We choose to support the environment by ensuring our superfoods have been grown in organic farms or wild crafted.

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Sustainable packaging

Since our inception in 2012, we’ve always been mindful of our environmental impact. To be plastic free and create sustainable packaging has always been our ethos. We can proudly say that no Bare Blends product has ever been packaged in plastic, and we are achieving our goal of moving all products to 100% home-compostable packaging.

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Carbon offset

In today’s climate we believe the only way forward collectively is for all businesses to be 100% accountable and transparent. It’s never been more important to reduce atmospheric carbon and monitor our impact on the planet. Instead of aiming for carbon neutrality, we are setting the target of being carbon positive by 2025.

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Here to help you stay healthy and happy.

We are extremely passionate and serious about our goals, and we are continuously creating new delicious products to nourish our community. We can’t wait for what comes next. Thank you for your support, it means the world to us.

With love,
Ryan, Oscar, Chris and Em.


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