Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao

Energising mood enhancer

Add Bare Blends’ decadent single origin Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao to your smoothies and recipes for a healthy chocolate hit! Containing high levels of magnesium, antioxidants and the bliss chemicals anandamide and PEA, this is truly a guilt-free pleasure.

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The food of the Gods

  • One of the richest sources of antioxidants known
  • Boosts serotonin, endorphins, anandamide and phenylethylamine to promote positive outlook and facilitates rejuvenation
  • High in the beauty mineral sulphur promoting strong nails, hair and beautiful skin!
  • Potent source of essential magnesium for healthy heart function, strong bones, relaxing muscles, and the digestive system

Heirloom ‘Criollo’ cacao

The beans are of the renowned heritage heirloom ‘Criollo’ variety, which make up less than 1% of cacao grown each year.

organic cacao pod

Raw and unprocessed

Unlike traditionally processed cocoa, which is often extract with chemical solvents and heated to over 150°C, our raw organic cacao is minimally processed at low temperatures, resulting in far superior nutritional qualities.

Origin: Peru

Our cacao is organically grown in the Satipio province of the Junín Region, located in the central Amazon rainforest of Peru, as it has been for thousands of years by the native Ashaninka and Chene people.

organic bare blends

Single origin, raw 'Criollo' organic Peruvian cacao.

Ultimately versatile

Chocolate, in it’s purest form. Use it your way.

An antioxidant powder that everyone loves, Raw Peruvian Cacao Powder can be included in any recipe for a decadent, rich flavour.

blended raw cacao powder

Smoothies and shakes

Combine 1 teaspoon (~5g) of this delicious, all natural, Peruvian superfood to your favourite Bare Blends protein for an extra chocolately shake, or add to your favourite smoothie recipe to boost the antioxidant content.

raw cacao brownie

Make the perfect raw brownie

Cacao works perfectly in raw treats, brownies, cookies and other snacks. Cacao can be substituted 1:1 with any recipe that uses regular cocoa. Check out our blog for amazing recipe ideas.

hot cacao drink

Hot chocolate

Heat once serving with almond milk and a squeeze of honey to make a delicious, warming hot chocolate!

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