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Naturally rich in immune boosting immunoglobulins, amino acids and free-radical neutralising antioxidants that are found only in whey protein concentrate and organic raw cacao. This delicious organic 'Criollo' cacao blend will refuel your muscles after exercise and energise you when you need it most.

Ingredients: NZ or AUS whey protein concentrate, organic cacao powder, organic vanilla bean, organic stevia extract, non-GMO soy lecithin (0.1% for mixing)


Why is our Raw Cacao WPC a cut above the rest?

Bare Blends’ whey protein concentrate (WPC) is produced as a liquid by-product of cheese making proces in the pristine environments of New Zealand and Australia's dairy grazing fields. WPC is closest to the natural form of whey.

It contains small amounts of fats and carbohydrates, and has a higher lactose content than WPI. Much of the natural amino acid profile and immune boosting factions retained in WPC are typically lost in other whey proteins.

  • 100% natural, free of anything artificial or nasty
  • Raw 'Criollo' variety of organic Peruvian cacao
  • Ambrosial A-grade vanilla beans from Madagascar
  • Beneficial immunoglobulins
  • Developed for taste and performance, read our reviews!
  • Filling and satiating NZ/AUS whey protein concentrate
  • Gluten and sugar free
Gluten Free
Sugar Free

Improving your recovery time

Protein intake is vital after exercise, as it assists the repair of exercise-induced damage to muscle fibres. It facilitates the replenishment of depleted energy stores and contains the amino acids needed for your body to recover and perform optimally.

Weight management

Protein helps to boost metabolism and prevent body fat storage in conjunction with an active lifestyle. Blending up a serve of our WPC with dairy/nut milk with some frozen fruit is a delicious healthy breakfast or lunch which will keep you nutritionally satisfied until your next meal.

Immunity and wellness

Protein is essential for a healthy working immune system. It is a major energy source and it is responsible for everything from building tissues, boosting immunity, and making your hair and nails strong and shiny.

Only real ingredients, nothing artificial.

The Ingredients

Powerful and essential.

You won't find any fillers or ingredients that provide no nutritional value in our blends. We use minimal ingredients with minimal processing to craft a protein that delivers on performance and taste.

Australian And New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate

Boost lean muscle and recovery

Much of the natural amino acid profile and immune boosting fractions retained in WPC are typically lost in other whey proteins forms. The full spectrum of beneficial grass-fed dairy protein fractions have been shown to greatly aid detoxification and hormone synthesis.

Peruvian Raw Organic Cacao

Antioxidant superfood

The premium Australian Certified Organic raw cacao powder used in our natural whey protein blends is of the heirloom variety, Criollo, grown in Peru. It is a rich source of magnesium and sulfur which helps to promote relaxation whilst boosting hair, skin, nail and heart health.

Organically Grown Vanilla Bean

Aromatic vanilla

These orchid vines climb existing trees, poles or whatever they can find and produce deep green beans. When picked, they are quickly blanched in boiling water then set out to dry. Known for its mood enhancing properties and warm inviting aroma. Provides the blend with a delicious, crowd-pleasing taste! Our vanilla is the same A-grade beans that you will find in specialty cooking stores and delis.

Organic Stevia Extract

Zero calorie sweetener

High quality pure organic stevia provides just the right touch of sweetness without contributing unnecessary sugars to your waistline. Stevia is low GI and also has the added advantage of not feeding plaque on your teeth like sugar does.

Raw 'Criollo' variety organic Peruvian cacao.

Shake / Blend / Create

Ultimately versatile

The premium whey protein and nutritious active superfoods make Raw Cacao WPC the perfect complement to your active lifestyle. It is extremely handy for a quick, nutrient-dense breakfast smoothie, post-exercise shake, or in raw treats.

raw cacao whey protein concentrate shake


Simply shake with your choice of liquid. Our favourite is shaken in our housemade almond milk.

raw cacao whey protein concentrate blend


Add 30g of this blend to your favourite smoothie recipe. The organic cacao will complement almost any smoothie recipe, whilst the WPC will boost its protein content.

raw cacao whey protein concentrate create


In whatever you feel like! Raw Cacao WPC makes a fantastic chocolatey base for smoothies, bliss balls, pruffins, puddings and brownies.

Nutritional Information

Suggested use

Mix with at least 250ml of water or your choice of milk.

Serving size: 3 tbsp (30g)
Ingredients: NZ or AUS whey protein concentrate, organic cacao powder, organic vanilla bean, organic stevia extract, non-GMO soy lecithin (0.1% for mixing)
30g 100g
Energy (kJ) 478.2 1594
Calories (cal) 114 381
Protein (g) 21 70
Fat, Total (g) 2 6.5
- Saturated (g) 1.2 3.9
Carbohydrate (g) 3.1 10.3
- Sugars (g) 2.6 8.5
Dietary Fibre (g) 1.1 3.5
Calcium (mg) 116.7 389
Sodium (mg) 59.1 197

Frequently Asked Questions

New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate

Bare Blends whey protein concentrate is produced in the pristine pollution and chemical free environment of New Zealand, widely regarded as producing some of the highest quality dairy in the world. These cows are grass-fed year round, and are not injected with the artificial hormones (rBST, rBGH) that are commonly found in US based whey proteins.

Bare Blends NZ WPC blends contains more lactose than our Native WPI, and is not as suitable for lactose intolerant people. Instead, we recommend our Native WPI blends for those with intolerances, as it has almost no lactose.


The best method of storage is in a cool, dry location closed. Refrigeration should only be used when room temperature exceeds 27 degrees Celsius

Bare Blends' whey protein products have an 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture. The expiration date is clearly listed on the package.

Our serving sizes are an estimate for the average person, however each individual will have different requirement for their optimal protein consumption. You may wish to experiment with the serving size until you find a quantity that suits you.

  • For people consuming whey for weight management, consume 20-30g per serving
  • For athletes aiming to increase lean muscle mass, or participating in strenuous exercise, consume 35g or more.

No, absolutely not. Whey protein has long been the protein of choice for athletes and body builders because it is the most easily absorbed, purest source of complete protein available. But this is important for everyone, not just athletes and body builders, and can be incorporated to almost any diet to support a healthy lifestyle!

Yes! Blend Bare Blends with some fruit and a highly nutritious milk like a nut or oat milk and you have yourself a meal replacement. Keep in mind that a well balanced diet of wholefoods and fresh greens is still needed for optimal health.


Organic produce is grown free of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, it nurtures our planet’s soil and promotes beautiful, diverse flora and fauna. On average organic produce contains more vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients than conventionally farmed produce and no nitrates. In the current situation of our planet it is now more important than ever to eat sustainable organic produce.

While not certified organic, our whey has all the advantages of 100% natural pastures. The milk for our whey proteins is derived from cows that are grass-fed and graze year-round on natural pastures. It is GMO-free, hormone-treatment-free, pesticide -free and undergoes minimal processing.

Due to regulation, all commercial powdered dairy products are legally required to undergo heat pasteurization in order to be sold. The whey used in our products is minimally processed using low heat resulting in the full range of biologically active protein components to be maintained in their native forms, particularly in our Native WPI which is filtered directly from milk (meaning only one pasteurization compared to 2 or 3 for usual processes), unlike the typical cheese byproduct used.

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