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Maca: The Lusty Root

Lepidium Meyenii or 'Maca root’ is a small biennial plant native to the high altitudes of the Andes ranges.

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Lepidium Meyenii or 'Maca root’ is a small biennial plant native to the high altitudes of the Andes ranges, cultivated for millennia by the Incan empire and used as common barter throughout the region. Its value was so recognised as to be in demand from Spanish Royalty, after their conquisition of Peru, for its medicinal and nutritional qualities.

Its cultivation and usage was almost lost to the modern world, surviving only in remote Peruvian communities. Today, it is quickly becoming a valuable crop to Andean farmers as more knowledge of its nutritive benefits and aphrodisiac qualities are studied and proved effective.

Top 10 Health Benefits

  1. Maca powder is a potent and proven aphrodisiac with multiple studies showing improvement in subjective sexual desire.
  2. It is a nutritional powerhouse with between 10-15% protein, 16 minerals, 7 vitamins and 19 amino acids in composition with a rich assortment of plant tannins, saponins and alkaloids, isothiocynates and glucosinates.
  3. Components found in Maca protect cells from oxidative stress and are capable of scavenging free radicals from the body. MTCA or 1-methyltetrahydro-beta-carboline-3-carboxylic acid, a constitutent of Maca has a higher anti-oxidant factor than Vitamin E.
  4. Maca root may enhance cognitive performance through phyo-estrogens improving neural connections and learning information retention.
  5. Relief from anxiety or depression caused by hormonal changes during menopause.
  6. It has been shown to increase bone density by reducing estrogenic compounds.
  7. Leads to longer and stronger erectile function after only three months of usage!
  8. Maca may increase fertility and lead to a reduction in prostate risks for men
  9. In synergy, with raw Cacao at a Bare dosage, the combination is an excellent calcium-magnesium supplement.
  10. It is an Adaptogen that will aid hormonal balancing whilst improving tolerance to glucose spikes

We currently offer straight Maca, Sachi Inchi Cacao & Maca vegan protein or our Dark Cacao & Kakadu Plum WPI blend, where it packs the power of the Incan empire into your lifestyle.

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