Our Favourite Australian Superfoods

This month, we’re celebrating our unique and nutritious Australian superfoods.

This month, we’re celebrating our unique and nutritious Australian superfoods.

Although superfoods native to Australia are rare and limited, these native plants are packed full of nutrition. Some examples that we love include Davidson’s plum, lemon myrtle, quandong, and riberry. They’re full of immune-boosting vitamins and and antioxidants, and and they grow in the wild bushy areas in the Northern half of the country, where conditions are hot and dry.

But there are two exemplary Australian superfoods that really stand out - we’ve even based two of our blends around them. They are the best of what this country has to offer in the way of natural, wild, and organic nutrition.

Australian Superfoods


Native to the northern coast of Australia, finger limes are a superfood teeming with immunity-boosting nutrition.

The fruit of a rare rainforest tree, finger lime has been an important food for Aboriginal people for thousands of years. It was eaten because of it's ability to protect people from disease, and the juice was used as an antiseptic for infected sores.

As well as having a beautiful sweet and sour zest, finger limes are highly nutritious, providing us with folate, potassium and vitamin C. Not only rich in vitamin C, finger limes are teeming with vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant needed to protect us from disease.

Bare Blends’ finger limes are harvested in our local area, the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, for most of the year. They are an integral ingredient in our immunity-boosting superfood juice - Bare Juices Immunity.


Kakadu plum, or gubinge, is a bush plum found in Kakadu and the Kimberley. Our gubinge is wild harvested by the indigenous people who are bringing the community back to the ancestral ways.

Kakadu plum is one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C, in fact, Kakadu plums contain over 20 times as much vitamin C as oranges. It’s also been shown by the Pharmacognosy Journal to have very strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Kakadu plums are also rich in phenolics, which are phytochemicals shown to possess a very high amount of antioxidants. We know that antioxidants are powerful tools to reduce your risk of developing cancer, but a recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Cancer has found that Kakadu Plum has a significant impact by inducing apoptosis (self-destruction) in cancer cells.

So what’s the easiest way to get your hands on the goodness of Kakadu plum? Unfortunately it isn’t readily available in most health food stores as yet, but it is the main superfood in our Dark Cacao & Kakadu Plum WPI- a blend that will increase your energy levels, help your body fight off illness and boost your overall wellness.

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At Bare Blends we take a holistic approach to your nutrition and wellness; producing delicious natural & organic superfood blends that nourish and nurture an active body + mind. All products are sugar and gluten free. From Kakadu to the Andean ranges, we've selected the highest quality ancient, raw and organic superfoods and combined them with Native and New Zealand whey proteins. We believe we make the best tasting natural protein powder in Australia.

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