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Raw Cacao WPI

Deliciously Satisfying Chocolate Protein

The perfect high-protein, rejuvenating drink. Containing a plethora of antioxidants found only in organic raw cacao, this blend is ideal for lean muscle development and weight management. Ideal for post-exercise due to its fast absorption rate, this blend will greatly improve recovery time in between training sessions.

Unrivalled in nutrition, quality and flavour.

Scientifically formulated WPI using only the highest-quality functional wholefoods.

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Rich in BCAAs
Formulated by specialists
Complete Protein
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Grass Fed
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Raw Cacao WPI scoop powder
The cleanest, most superior protein.

Our grass-fed whey protein isolate (WPI) blends are ultra-filtered from NZ freshly skimmed milk and retain the highest possible nutrient density of any protein powder.

  • 100% natural, free of anything artificial or nasty
  • Developed for taste and performance, read our reviews!
  • Premium whey protein isolate from grass-fed cows
  • Raw 'Criollo' variety organic Peruvian cacao
  • Ambrosial A-grade vanilla beans from Madagascar
  • Easily digested whey protein isolate
  • Gluten free, sugar free, and low lactose


whey protein

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is a high-protein filtered milk product containing very little fats, lactose or carbohydrates. Our high-quality WPI is sourced from New Zealand, where the dairy farming practices and pristine environment are unparalleled. Our whey undergoes less acidification and pasteurisation than others, resulting in a superior essential amino acid profile.

Raw Cacao WPI powder
Convenient and delicious protein.

The purity of this grass-fed WPI blend allows it to be ideal for anyone; whether you are an elite athlete or simply wanting a convenient and delicious way to up your protein intake.


Shake or blend 30g (4 level tbsp) in your liquid/smoothie of choice.


Perfect to consume after exercise for muscle recovery, or to add to smoothies/recipes as a meal.

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The Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate

Raw Cacao WPI

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