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6 Reasons Why Freeze-Drying Will Change The World

Imagine if your food could last for several months, perfectly preserved, without losing any of it’s flavour or nutrients?

Imagine if your food could last for several months, perfectly preserved, without losing any of it’s flavour or nutrients? Well it can, because freeze-drying is here to stay.

The freeze drying that we know today is a relatively modern concept, but freeze drying was also used by ancient civilisations. In Peru, the Incas would store place their potatoes and other crops in the high altitudes above Machu Picchu where the food would freeze. The high altitudes and low pressure in these spots would naturally vaporise and freeze-dry the produce.

Similarly in BC China, monks living on the mountain Koya would store tofu in the snow on the mountainside. The bitter cold winds and high altitudes would help to dry the food.

Luckily, we don’t have to go to such extents to freeze-dry our foods today. The freeze-drying process now involves placing food on large racks inside a vacuum chamber. The temperature inside the chamber is then lowered to below freezing, then slowly raised. The ice that solidifies during the freezing process then turns into vapour. The process is called lyophilisation, and it leaves behind dehydrated food that is safely preserved, maintaining the food’s structure and nutrients.
Freeze-drying is the safest and most beneficial way of preserving food and its nutrients, and it’s a process that we should all know more about. Here are six reasons why.



Probably the safest way to preserve food, freeze-drying removes the moisture from fresh food. If there is moisture, microorganisms like bacteria will spread, and the food will become mouldy and decompose. Freeze-dried food will stay fresh and intact for a long time without risk of it decomposing of losing nutritional value.


Freeze drying maintains the fresh food’s structure, while locking in the important nutrients. Almost any food can be freeze dried, and it is a great method for preserving heat-sensitive foods such as proteins. And none of the delicious flavour is sacrificed!


Freeze-drying removes about 98-99% of the moisture in food. The lower the moisture content, the longer the shelf life. Some freeze-dried foods can last 25+ years.


Although buying fresh organic food is ideal, if you don’t have the time to go to the local farmer’s market each week, freeze dried foods can be an easy and convenient way of getting the same nutrients when you’re short on time and money, which leads me to my next point...


The ratio of our freeze-dried powders is 10:1 - meaning that 1kg of freeze-dried food is equal to 10kg of fresh food. At less than $2 per serve for our Bare Greens, it’s cheaper than buying fresh vegetables.


Sick of throwing out broccoli that’s a few days too old? Or avocados that are a little too soft? Yep! Eliminating wastage is something that we’re all aware of. Even with the best intentions to eat what we buy, often we end up with waste.
You won’t have this problem with freeze-dried products. If you have left over freeze-dried food, just place the bag back in your cupboard and you can use it a few months later. But no doubt they’ll be gone before then!

Unlike dehydrated foods, freeze-dried foods can be rehydrated very quickly. They also retain most of their nutritional value, flavour, shape and size. As they don’t need to be refrigerated, they can last for months, and even years.

Here are our picks for the best freeze-dried nutritional powders on the market.

Bare Greens

This synergistic blend of freeze-dried organic green vegetables, grasses, algaes and Japanese matcha green tea will provide the nutrients needed to support an energetic lifestyle. Bursting with potent vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients, this unique blend will energise, revitalise and restore your body.

Bare Berries

This unique blend of wild and rare and organic berries and fruits synergistically provides the entire body with unsurpassed antioxidant and anti-aging protection.
Our exclusive cold temperature processing of these 12 delicious berries ensures the health promoting phyto-nutrients are preserved to provide a myriad of benefits to you every month of the year.



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