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Steph Lowe

The Calorie Fallacy

One of the biggest myths of the last five decades is what we refer to here at TNN as ‘The Calorie Fallacy’. ...

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Bare Blends Butter Coffee

Traditionally, butter coffee is made with coffee, butter and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. ...

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Chocolate Antioxidant Smoothie

I love smoothies. They are the perfect post-exercise refuel, but also a great way to fuel your longer sessions. ...

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Nutritional Ketosis And Exogenous Ketones for Performance

Before we begin on ketosis, please note this is not intended to discuss all of the research around ketosis, as science has proven its therapeutic benefit for the treatment of ...

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Bare Flask Infusions With Steph Lowe

The importance of drinking water every day cannot be underestimated. ...

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Let’s Get Real About Food

Food that comes out of the ground, off a tree or from an animal will always be the most nutrient-dense and whole-food source of nutrition. ...

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