Chocolate: The Easiest Way to be Smart


Eating chocolate, according to an article in The New England Journal of Medicine, may be the simplest way to make yourself more intelligent. The statistical study, which used the number of Nobel Prizes given to a country as it's measure of populous intelligence, found a strong relationship between chocolate consumption and intellect.

Cacao has been shown to increase vascular function in human brains, coinciding with direct psychological effects including; increased memory and learning. Flavonoids are thought to be the chemicals behind the increase of brain function, acting as antioxidants and stimulating neuronal function and regeneration in the brain.

On average it is reported that Australians eat just under 5kg of chocolate per year. The study suggests that if each person ate two to three times more then Australia could be up there with nations that regularly take home the prestigious awards for human achievement.

So if you are needing to study for an exam, wanting to remember more at work or you just wish to be able to understand those weird indy films your friends talk about, the solution has never been easier. Get yourself a big block of dark chocolate or a Bare Blends Cacao natural protein powder smoothie and feel your brain kick into overdrive. It is not as though you can loose in this situation.



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