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Ever need a natural high to help you get jiggy with it throughout the week? Bow-chicka wow-wow, introducing: maca.

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Ever need a natural high to help you get jiggy with it throughout the week? Bow-chicka wow-wow, introducing: maca.

All jokes aside, this Peruvian root (pun intended) is a serious sexual stimulant. Disclaimer: maca must be used responsibly.

So what is maca? It is a Peruvian root grown in the Andean region of Peru. Bare Blends' Organic Maca Powder is a 100% certified Organic and comes from a grower association of the Pumpush people in Junin, Peru. Ours is a high-altitude maca powder grown at over four thousand meters by farmers with ancestral knowledge of the plant and its cultivation.

Maca produces a natural high, as it is a proven stimulant. It's also an adaptogen thought to have numerous libido enhancing properties, along with a full spectrum of phyto-chemicals. According to The Natural Nutritionist, Steph Lowe, Bare Blends' Organic Maca Powder is 'packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to increase energy and mental clarity, enhance mood, and restore hormone imbalances. Start with just one teaspoon per day, in your smoothie, chia pudding, porridge or baked treats.'

Apart from tingling your bits and boosting your mood, maca has a myriad of benefits on the body. Here are just a few:

  • Potent natural sexual activator
  • Fights fatigue and tiredness
  • Stimulates the hormonal system
  • Helps to support the immune system
  • May help to reduce symptoms of menopause
  • 60+ phyto-chemicals and potent alkaloids that may enhance cognitive function and information retention
  • May reduce age-related bone density degradation through phyto-estrogen blocking capabilities

Regular maca consumption has a multitude of studied benefits for both men and women including relief from menopause symptoms, enhanced sexual desire, stronger erectile function, increased fertility and a reduction in prostate risk.

Want some more facts? Maca has a high amount of antioxidants that have anti-aging benefits, as well as being a nutritional powerhouse with between 10-15% protein, 16 minerals, 7 vitamins and 19 amino acids along with a rich assortment of plant tannins, saponins and alkaloids, isothiocynates and glucosinates, so it's perfect for boosting your immunity and wellness.

So go ahead and enjoy this natural superfood that will make you feel alert in all the right places. We suggest 5-7g per day. Maca is delicious in smoothies, especially mixed with Organic Raw Cacao.

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