Whey Protein Powder Benefits

Protein powders have many benefits. We list some of our top ones, and what you should look out for in a protein powder.

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What is Whey Protein?

'Whey' is a natural liquid by-product created in the making of cheese which was discarded by the dairy industry until 1975, when research by the University of Illinois pioneered the processing of whey as a product for its nutritional qualities. These early whey compounds were treated with lots of heat, and were high in fat and lactose, making them undesirable to most.

Micro-filtration was developed in the 1990s, leading to significant advancements into the processing of whey. It was not until this time that whey protein started to be regarded as a valuable high protein source as technological advancements made the product far more pure.

Whey protein can be produced as a by-product of the cheese making process, or be a 'native' whey protein. The more common cheese whey protein, is filtered from the leftover whey after cheese curds have coagulated.

On the other hand, Native whey protein isolate is made directly from fresh skimmed milk allowing it to bypass the acidification process of cheese making. This results in a less acidic and more bio-available protein. Both proteins can be filtered further to become Concentrates (80% protein) or Isolates (up to 95% protein) through ultra and micro filtration processes.

Top 10 Whey Protein Benefits

Complete protein

One of the main benefits of whey protein isolate is that it is considered to be a 'complete protein' meaning it contains all 9 of the 'essential' amino acids (i.e. the ones you can't maintain proper body functions without).

Fat loss & weight loss

One of the main benefits of whey protein isolate is that it is considered to be a 'complete protein' meaning it contains all 9 of the 'essential' amino acids (i.e. the ones you can't maintain proper body functions without).

Lean muscle gain

Another main benefit of both Whey Protein isolate and Concentrate is that they increase the rate of protein synthesis in your body, in turn helping you gain muscular size and strength².

Improved metabolic rate

By increasing lean muscle mass with whey protein and a suitable exercise program, your metabolic rate rises and burns more fat at rest³.

Improved recovery

Whey Protein helps the body and muscle tissue repair quickly following exercise, especially if taken within an hour of training, meaning less soreness and more activity

Free of hormones & chemicals

Both Bare Blends Whey Protein Isolate and NZ Whey Protein Concentrate are free from hormones and chemicals. Other inferior whey proteins contain hormones like rBGH/rBST that elevate estrogen and suppress testosterone.

Minimally processed at cold temperatures

Our Natural Whey Proteins are minimally processed at low temperatures (particularly our NZ WPI) to make sure the end product is non-denatured, increasing absorption, limiting damage to immune boosting protein fractions and retaining other benefits of whey protein.

Glutathione production

Whey protein contains benefits in high amounts of the amino acids that are needed for the production of glutathione (primarily cysteine), the "master" antioxidant there is for fighting infection. Studies have shown that whey protein elevates glutathione levels more than any other protein source, and is being studied for cancer production and restricting HIV reproduction.5,6

Boost immune system

Whey protein is more than just amino acids; it is made up of numerous immune system-boosting protein sub-fractions, including betalactoalbumins, alpha-lactalbumins, lactoferrin, and immunoglobulins, as well as the amino acid Glutamine7.

Easily digested

Whey is the most easily digested protein (if you are not lactose intolerant). It has the highest achievable protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) – a measure of both how well a protein is digested and how well it supplies the amino acids needed by an adult.

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