Getting Bare With Soli Bailey

Meet Soli Bailey – our local young-gun pro surfer and Bare Blends ambassador! Born and bred here in Byron Bay.

Meet Soli Bailey - our local young-gun pro surfer and Bare Blends ambassador! Born and bred here in Byron Bay.

Soli grew up surfing The Pass from the age of two, and realised from a young age his dream of becoming a professional surfer. Currently with a 2016 QS Rank of 69, Soli's lifestyle consists of surfing, traveling, fitness, and more surfing.

Soli Bailey

Tell us about yourself in six words or less.

Surfer, health and fitness, fishing, art and mates.

Apart from chasing waves, what do you do for fun?

I love going fishing.

What is your idea of adventure?

My idea of adventure is a trip with no plans, just going from moment to moment.

What does your competition schedule look like for the rest of the year?

The schedule is pretty busy over the next few months. I'm off to Europe this week for a couple of months, surfing three comps. I come home for a couple of weeks and then I see the year out in Hawaii for three more comps.

How important is it to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

On every level it's important, for my career I need to be fit and strong, but also my mind needs to be clear and clean. I travel a lot, so I try to stay as healthy as I can to maintain a good immune system.

Soli Bailey Surfer

How do you spend most of your days?

I'm busy. If I'm not travelling for comps I'm focusing on fitness training and surfing. I have lots of work to do for my sponsors as well so it's back-to-back.

What helps you stay on top of your game?

Training and a good diet and getting enough sleep.

Do you have any rituals that you like to do before you compete?

I like to be alone so I'm not distracted. I spend about 20 minutes warming up and stretching my body, watching the surf.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Tim Tams.

Soli Bailey Breakfast

They say that surfers are chilled out 98% of the time, is this true?

Hmm, I guess I have a pretty chilled composure but I'm not chilled out. I am back-to-back with things that I have to do and things I have to organise. My life is pretty busy and chaotic at times. Generally, though I'd say surfers are chilled.

Where is your favourite place to surf / travel and why?

I'd have to say Indonesia. It's close, has epic waves and it's cheap travelling.

Favourite Bare Blends product?

I love the Bare Juice Immunity!
If I'm being really into my routine I'd do Bare Juice powder in the morning, Bare Greens at lunch then Bare Berries at night.

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