The Vegan Bundle: Plant-Based Nutrition

The Vegan Bundle is your source of plant-based power.

Bare Blends

Bare Blends


The Vegan Bundle is your source of plant-based power.

This bundle of nutrition includes our plant-based protein blends for energy, recovery, and immunity, Bare Berries for an antioxidant boost, as well as Bare Greens for alkalising and detoxifying the body for optimal performance.

These potent blends will ensure that your body is in healthy working order, and is perfect support for an active lifestyle. Each blend is Australian Certified Organic and freeze-dried for optimal nutrition.

Our new vegan protein blends were created carefully to ensure a smooth consistency, versatility, and high-quality, without any artificial flavours or filler ingredients. The result is a vegan protein blend that will not only provide your body with the fuel it needs to excel, but also tastes great and is made with only real ingredients!

Save 10% in this ideal bundle that includes your choice of our plant-based proteins, as well as Bare Greens and Bare Berries. To help you decide which protein to choose, you can find a quick rundown of each blend below.

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Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein

Made with the optimal ratio of pea and sprouted brown rice protein, the Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein is perfect as an energy boost in your morning smoothie, or as a fuel source post-workout. Consuming this plant-protein blend immediately after exercise will provide your body with the necessary nutrients needed for muscle synthesis and greatly improved recovery time.
Smooth, chocolatey, and with a hint of spice from the cinnamon, the Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein is a great addition to any smoothie or chocolate flavoured raw treats.

Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein

Our Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein is a creamy blend which mixes vanilla bean and coconut flavours in a smooth and light mouthful. This versatile blend goes perfectly in most smoothie recipes, and can be used in raw treat recipes such as protein balls and raw desserts.
With over 20g of protein per serve, this blend will assist with weight management and lean muscle development, and is flavoured with delicious and organic superfoods.

Raw Peruvian Power Protein

Our Raw Peruvian Power Protein is an all-natural, organic source of protein that has so many nutritional benefits from the ingredients that aren't readily available elsewhere – sacha inchi, maca, vanilla bean, cacao, mesquite, lucuma, and more. It's full of dense superfoods and is deliciously satiating.

Bare Greens Bare Berries

Bare Greens

The organic fruit and vegetables in Bare Greens are freshly harvested, then freeze-dried straight away, which removes the water content from the greens, and locks in the nutrients. What we are left with is a concentrated greens powder that is bursting with potent vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients.
Bare Greens is the perfect way to energise, revitalise and restore your body and support an energetic lifestyle.

Bare Berries

Bare Berries is a unique blend of wild and rare and organic berries and fruits, which synergistically provide the entire body with unsurpassed antioxidant and anti-aging protection.
Not only does it have an unrivaled berry flavour, it’s rich in broad-spectrum antioxidants that fend off illness, support healthy digestion, boost your immune system, and promote healthy brain and nerve function.

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