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7 Easy Natural Ways To Get Healthy Hair, Skin And Nails

If you’re prone to bad skin or lank/frizzy hair, then you may like to make some of these simple changes to your everyday life that will make your hair, skin and nails healthy, strong and naturally shiny.


If you’re prone to bad skin or lank/frizzy hair, then you may like to make some of these simple changes to your everyday life that will make your hair, skin and nails healthy, strong and naturally shiny. They’re also natural, organic, and free of chemicals!

1. Protein

Human hair and skin is made up of a protein called keratin. So it makes sense to replenish your protein stores for a healthy glow! Keratin is a protein that protects your skin cells from damage or stress, and strengthens your hair, nails, and skin as well as many other cells within the body.

One easy way to up your protein intake is by adding one serving of Bare Blends’ WPI blends like our delicious Organic Vanilla Bean WPI to your daily smoothie, and watch your hair, skin, and nails grow stronger and healthier, among many other health benefits!

2. Bare Berries

Bare Berries is the most effective and natural way to get glowing and healthy skin that is organic and free of chemicals. This is due to the high antioxidant content, which can help reverse the signs of aging, such as skin and hair deterioration.

Antioxidants therefore prevent us from going brown and wrinkly like an old avocado thanks to oxidation. Bare Berries’ unique blend of wild organic berries synergistically provides the entire body with unsurpassed antioxidant and anti-aging protection.

Bare Berries Bowl

3. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts contain selenium, which is a mineral that helps to speed the cell turnover process, and providing the skin with a natural glow. Brazil nuts also contain high levels of antioxidants which help to protect the skin from free radicals within the body that damage the skin’s collagen.
The best part is, you don’t need many brazil nuts to get a glowing complexion - two a day is enough.

4. Exercise

Regular exercise is integral to healthy skin. Exercise increases blood flow within the body, including the skin, and transports waste products and harmful free radicals away from the cells and to the liver where they are neutralised. Blood flow to the skin therefore cleanses the skin of toxins and other things that can cause skin problems.

5. Hygiene

This one is pretty simple - wash your bed sheets often to avoid bacteria also sleeping on your pillows! Hot water is also very instrumental for cleaning the skin. Especially after exercise, it’s best to wash your pores with warm-to-hot water to wash away any sweat or dirt that could stay on the surface of your skin.

Another handy trick - invest in some bamboo bed sheets. The naturally silky smooth and feathery soft texture of pure organic bamboo protects your delicate skin and hair against any irritation and external stress. They also keep your hair tamed, soft, and tangle-free when you wake up in the morning. A good example is the organic bamboo sheets by Ettitude.

6. Maca

Acne and skin problems are often caused by hormonal imbalances. Maca is a Peruvian root that contains the nutrients necessary to support normal hormone production, and therefore helps to balance your hormones. Which means no more stress breakouts or mood swings. Bare Blends’ Raw Organic Maca Powder is worth checking out. It’s delicious in smoothies and will also give you an energy boost!

7. Get Salty!

That glowing summer skin isn’t just from the sun - it’s also from the time you spend in the sea! Sea water is loaded with magnesium that helps your skin retain moisture and diminishes skin issues like acne and dermatitis. It also provides your skin with lots of vitamins and minerals found naturally in the ocean. You'll also get your dose of vitamin D from the sun. Just be sure not to get too much sun - sunburn isn't nice to anyone!

Skin GLowing Recipes

bare berries yogurt



  • 200g yoghurt (preferably organic) we used CoYo.
  • 1 teaspoon Bare Berries

Optional toppings:

  • Granola
  • Nuts
  • Fruit, such as berries, banana, mango, kiwi fruit, etc.
  • 1 teaspoon Chia Seeds


  1. Stir the Bare Berries into the yogurt, and serve in a bowl topped with chia seeds, granola, and fruit.

Raw berry tarts

Raw Berry Tarts

These berry tarts are the perfect holiday snack and so easy to make! With the added benefit of our Bare Whey and Chia Seeds for protein and good fats, these make up the filing and complement the Bare Berries perfectly.

See Recipe

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