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Panaceas Pantry

Peanut Butter And Chocolate Ganache Protein Bites

These simple snacks are so quick and easy to throw together, and are the perfect fuel before or after a workout. ...

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Raw Salted Peanut Butter And Caramel Tart

This protein-packed caramel tart is the perfect party snack. ...

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Immune-Boosting Adaptogenic Coco Berry Bowls

We used the Bare Blends Bare Berries powder to create these delicious Coco Berry Bowls. ...

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No-bake zesty lemon and berry protein-rich cupcakes

These cupcakes are as pretty as they are delicious, and use a surprisingly cheap and wholesome ingredient - silken tofu (which you can not taste at all)! ...

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Double Chocolate Easter Baby Cakes

These Double Chocolate Easter Baby Cakes are a delicious modern twist on classic chocolate flavours, and are high in antioxidants and mood-boosting nutrients thanks to the org...

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