How We Source The Best Whey Protein

At Bare Blends we believe that to make a truly great whey protein blend, you have to start with the highest quality protein possible.

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grass fed whey protein

At Bare Blends we believe that to make a truly
great whey protein blend, you have to start with the highest quality protein possible.

Whey proteins can vary substantially depending on where they are produced, and the processing practices. As such, a lot of
inferior whey proteins are produced around the world.

For example, there are numerous companies who produce both concentrates and isolates in the USA. We have chosen not to stock
USA whey protein due to the American dairy laws concerning rBGH and GMOs.
rBGH is a genetically engineered artificial hormone that can be injected into cows which causes them to produce more
milk. Inferior whey proteins are also made in China through heat processing, resulting in a very cheap and impure product.

All of the above practices heavily denature protein, and as such, we will never use those products.

We look at a range of factors before deciding on which whey to use in our blends. These include the following:

  • Farming practices of a region
  • Grass quality
  • Yearly availability
  • Feed supplementation allowances
  • Processing practices of the manufacturer
  • Amino acid profile and nutritional qualities

The regions from which we source our proteins - New Zealand and Australia (and previously France) - have what it takes to produce the world’s
best whey proteins in both taste and nutrient quality.

It’s also important to understand how ingredients vary with seasonal variations and availability, as supply can often fluctuate.

Luckily, we have the flexibility to change between our suppliers if there are variances in availability. This allows us to
continue using the highest quality ingredients, and we will never settle for anything less than the best of the best.

Why we love New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate

Sourced from the pristine grazing fields of New Zealand, our
whey protein isolate is produced from fresh grass-fed dairy milk. Our NZ WPI is manufactured by cross flow micro-filtration
and ultra-filtration, generating undenatured, soluble
whey protein isolate with excellent nutritional value.

Our New Zealand
whey protein concentrate also comes from the lush, pollution- and chemical-free grazing grounds of the South Island
of New Zealand. It is made from fresh cheese whey via micro-filtration, and is considered to be the highest quality concentrate
in the world.

Ideal farming conditions, fertile soil and plentiful rainfall help New Zealand pastures grow thick with lush green grass.
It is one of few places in the world where cows graze on grass for most of the year, resulting in protein that is typically
richer in omega-3 fats, beta-carotene, and essential nutrients.

We love sourcing protein from our neighbouring country as it means less of an environmental footprint than importing produce
from other countries. New Zealand is also one of the world’s cleanest countries - with a low pollution index of 21.77.
The New Zealand Government also prohibits the use of animal growth hormones. Their dairy farms are chemical free and GMO

Why we love Australian Whey Protein Concentrate

Our Australian
whey protein concentrate is of the same high quality as our New Zealand WPC. We love using Australian whey and supporting
our local farmers.

Our Australian WPC is also made from fresh cheese whey via micro-filtration, and is rapidly digested by the body, allowing
fast absorption into the bloodstream and muscles. It’s naturally high in the three essential branched-chain amino acids
(leucine, isoleucine and valine), which help support muscle maintenance, lean muscle building and recovery. This makes
WPC an ideal source of protein for an active lifestyle.

WPC also contains important micro-peptides such as alpha-lactalbumins, beta-lactoglobulins and immunoglobulins, all of which
possess extraordinary immune system-boosting properties.

wpi vs wpc protein

For further comparison, see our
WPI vs WPC page.

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