How Matcha Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

If you have yet to jump on the matcha bandwagon, then you’re missing out on a seriously powerful antioxidant tea. Matcha green tea can be used to help you loose weight, if used correctly.

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Matcha Green Tea & Weight loss

If you have yet to jump on the matcha tea bandwagon, then you’re missing out on a seriously powerful antioxidant tea.

Matcha is nothing like the ‘skinny teas’ that have taken the spotlight on social media in recent years. It’s not a detox tea, a diet tea, or a cleanse - it’s real, unadulterated, natural green tea and the health benefits of matcha will surprise you.

About Matcha

Matcha Green Tea is a prized, emerald coloured tea powder produced from the hand picked, steamed and stone ground leaves of Camellia Sinensis, the common green tea plant. This laborious method of production results in a fine powder full of immune boosting catechins and antioxidants, that is ready to whisk into a delicate, creamy energising drink.

Matcha has been used in traditional Japanese ceremonies for centuries. It was used to help calm the mind and stay awake during meditations. It became so popular that methods of producing matcha were refined soon after and the Japanese began to see widespread consumption by the 11th century.

Matcha is unique to other teas, because the whole of the tea leaf is ground into a powder, which means that all of the phytonutrients are included, and matcha powder contains 137 times the amount of antioxidants than regular green tea. Matcha is so full of antioxidants that it's been deemed the anti-aging tea.

It's great for boosting your metabolism, enhancing concentration, and reducing stress. Matcha also helps to oxidise fat stores within the body to promote weight loss.

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How Matcha helps with weight loss

Matcha powder is a potent source of green tea catechins that help to increase your body's metabolism, burning calories quicker. With all variables (age, weight, gender, ethnicity, diet and energy expenditure) accounted for, matcha has been proven to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation in overweight individuals.

The catechins in matcha also help to trigger the release of fat from fat cells and helps speed the liver’s capacity for turning fat into energy.

When paired with protein and exercise, matcha is even more effective at managing weight. If you’re regularly active, and want to include matcha in your diet, then our Japanese Matcha WPI could be a great option. Not only will it help your muscles recover after exercise, it’ll also help shed any extra weight you’ve been trying to lose.

Other Matcha Benefits

Cognitive protection

Regular consumption of Matcha improves the brain’s ability to transmit information along its neural pathways. By improving the efficiency of your brain’s neural pathways you improve your spatial learning and your ability to think creatively.

Reduce stress and anxiety

The amino acid L-Theanine helps your mind stay calm in stressful times and Bare Blends’ Organic Japanese Matcha contains between 40-50mg per serve.
The combination of L-Theanine and Caffeine, both naturally occurring in matcha, has been shown to help focus attention during demanding tasks.


According to the Journal of Chromatography, matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than standard green tea. Antioxidants are able to neutralise free radicals within the body which cause cellular damage, which means that your hair, skin, nails, and whole body will gain a rejuvenated healthy glow.


Epigallocatechin-3 gallate, known as EGCG is a potent antioxidant with strong action against degenerative diseases. EGCG is also known for it’s anti-cancer properties. In studies conducted, EGCG induced apoptosis (self-destruction) of cancer cells, or inhibited the cells from spreading. It's also known to be effective in the maintenance of cardiovascular and metabolic health.


A study tested the effect of regularly taking green tea extract, and found that over 10 weeks, endurance exercise performance was boosted up to 24%.

Coffee substitute

Matcha is also the perfect substitute for coffee if you’re after an energy boost without the caffeine crashes. This is thanks to a naturally occurring amino acid called l-theanine, which produces a calming effect, while also boosting concentration during mental tasks.

Where can I buy Matcha?

Bare Blends’ Organic Matcha Green Tea is grown in Kyoto, Japan. It is naturally high in health-promoting tea catechins, chlorophyll and amino acids.

Delicious in smoothies and raw treats, matcha is the perfect afternoon pick me up or morning wake up call that you need! We love it in matcha lattes, as an iced matcha, and our favourite mango, matcha and macadamia smoothie.

Organic Japanese Matcha

Organic Japanese Matcha

  • CheckEnhance cognition
  • CheckIncrease energy & metabolism
  • CheckReduce stress

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