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Using Bare Blends For Weight Loss

Getting the right nutrition is fundamental for healthy weight loss.

Getting the right nutrition is fundamental for healthy weight loss. Your body needs food that will replenish nutrients and restore your depleted energy levels after exercise.

One way to help you achieve your weight loss goals faster, and assure that your body is getting the fuel it needs, is with our whey protein isolate (WPI) blends. They’re a natural way of building lean muscle, managing weight, and toning up.

For a vegan, non-whey alternative, try our plant-based protein blends. They’re also great for weight management, as they are made with the optimal ratio of organic pea and sprouted brown rice protein. They are full of nutrients, and also ideal for breakfast smoothies, post-workout recovery shakes, and guilt-free delicious snacks.

When is the best time to use protein?

Our WPI blends are ideal post exercise. We recommend having a protein shake after you exercise (either cardio, weights, or anything that uses your muscles/tears the fibres which means they'll need repairing). Our WPI blends contain an optimal amino acid profile, which helps repair your muscles after exercise, decrease your recovery time, and restore your energy levels.

For weight loss, we also recommend having a smoothie in the morning to substitute your breakfast and keep your feeling satiated until lunchtime.

Our best-selling WPI blends are very high in protein, and are cold-processed from milk (not a by-product of the cheese making process like our competitors, which can be pasteurised up to 3 times, meaning that the proteins are damaged). They’re also flavoured with organic superfoods such as raw cacao and vanilla bean, which add further nutritional benefit.

How many shakes should I be having in a day?

A nutrient-dense smoothie in the morning is important as you'll need to keep full until lunch time.

You can also have post-exercise shakes mixed with either nut milk, coconut water, dairy milk or water. Protein is most effective just after a workout to ensure your muscles are absorbing the right fuel straight away.

We also recommend having no more than two servings of protein per day, unless exercising heavily.

What do I mix with my protein with?

Try blending a serve of our WPI with a high-quality dairy or nut milk, frozen fruit (either banana, mango or berries), and add maybe a handful of nuts or greens in a delicious smoothie.

Our Bare Booster range is great for this - especially Bare Greens and Bare Berries. They’re a simple way to add extra organic nutrients into your diet without having to have the fresh perishable alternatives on hand.

If you want to experiment with a few blends at once, we recommend trying either the Weight Loss Bundle or Simple Smoothie Bundle, which include our WPI blends and other superfood boosters which mix together perfectly. See the recipes listed below for inspiration.

weightloss bundle

The Weightloss Bundle

We’ve curated our top weight loss blends in an ideal bundle. Specially designed to help you reach your weight loss goals and support your active lifestyle.

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Need flavour inspiration?

Matcha, Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect refuelling drink that's very easy to make. The added protein boost will keep you feeling satiated in this delicious, fruity and refreshing smoothie.

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Matcha mango passionfruit smoothie

Bare Greens Smoothie

The Perfect Green Smoothie

This green smoothie recipe is the ultimate breakfast or lunch smoothie, as well as providing all the nutrition you need post-workout.

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Smoothie Sundae

Like a healthy soft-serve in a glass that you can top with all of your favourite things!

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smoothie sundae

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