The blends

We create our blends with the world’s best raw ingredients. You won't find any fillers or ingredients that provide no nutritional value in our products. We use minimal ingredients and processing to craft proteins and superfood blends that deliver on performance and taste.

Curated collections of blends designed for specific goals.

  • Bare Whey Protein Isolate

    Bare Whey Protein Isolate

    For the purist
  • Serenity ~ Mayde Tea

    Mayde Tea | Serenity

    Add some serenity to escape your busy day
  • Digest - Mayde Tea

    Mayde Tea | Digest

    A digestive tea to soothe and calm
  • Earl Gray

    Mayde Tea | Earl Grey

    Full bodied organic black tea
  • Roobis Turmeric Chai

    Mayde Tea | Rooibos Turmeric Chai

    Caffeine-free Indian chai masala
  • Matcha, Wisk & Spoon

    As low as: $47.44

    The Matcha Bundle

    Your definitive matcha latte kit
  • Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea

    Organic Japanese Matcha

    Anti-aging premium green tea
  • Bare Sample Pack

    As low as: $37.21

    Bare Sample Pack

    A delicious tasting of Bare Blends
  • Weightloss Bundle | Bare Blends

    As low as: $103.85

    Weight Loss Bundle

    Lose weight naturally
  • Energise ~ Mayde Tea

    Mayde Tea | Energise

    Invigorating and refreshing tea
  • Recipe Maker Bundle | Bare Blends

    As low as: $66.72

    Recipe Maker Bundle

    Nutrient-dense superfoods
  • 5kg Box of Bare Blends Native WPI > Bare Blends

    As low as: $274.95

    5kg Box of Bare Blends Native WPI

    Bulk box of native whey protein isolate
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